Amour Sincere (True Love) Poem by Akilleas Sideous

Amour Sincere (True Love)

Rating: 4.8

giving my life to you is what i will do
sharing my soul with you I will gladly do
thinking of you is never through being with you is always true having you I will do knowing you is a privilege to
To hold on to you I will as long as you want me to
loving you is a good feeling too
to know who you are simply by far is one of a kind and simply devine
I cannot find the words to define what i feel but to try to explain puts me through pain but I will give you my brain so that you will remain
if I could I would,
Give you my heart so that we are never apart to hold on to you from the very start
laughing and playing and never decaying calling out to you I will always be saying I love you boo and all that you do
follow me and I will lead you through,
the pains of love and all of the above and for you I will be your white dove to come from above and give you love and to hold your heart and caress every part loving you is my art and for you I will never fall apart

Vanessa Hughes 26 July 2011

The love you feel comes shining through in this poem, lovely. Long may it last. Nessy x

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