Akilleas Sideous Poems

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Amour Sincere (True Love)

giving my life to you is what i will do
sharing my soul with you I will gladly do
thinking of you is never through being with you is always true having you I will do knowing you is a privilege to

Let Me

I will live my life the way I want to who are you

I will do things the way I want them done not by you

A Poem

A poem of mind that may rhyme for all time
A poem of heart that ı will love to start
A poem of time that will bind to the mind
A poem of lust that has been bust

Just My Father

Set It Free

A Happy Death

The time has come for me at last
As I pass from this world to my last
Although it was fun I had a blast
You got too know me well in the past

I Remember

I remember riding my tricycle
I remember his face as
it became frozen in its place
I remember the car that came around the corner with

A Womens Worth

Cinderella Man

You are the Cinderella and
I want to be the man to take your hand and help
you stand to be your man in all the land
the glass has fallen from your foot and

Life Of A Lie

To tell a lie is to live a lie people can ask me a simple question and I will lie I do not know why I choose to lie its not as if I will die if I tell the truth it always throwsn me for a loof that I can not simply tell the truth like I never have proof maybe its because of my scattered background and being raised on lost and found or my parents never being aroud but this is no excuse for my own downfall and a lie worst of all I see my fate and it is one I hate but I will change my destiny

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