A Stranger's Request Poem by Randy McClave

A Stranger's Request

I have known her for a while
I was first attracted to her by her smile,
Going on a date with her was my ultimate goal
I knew that she must have a wonderful soul.

So, I asked her out on a date
She told me soon, but not now just wait,
But, in the meantime she asked for favors
Her wishes became my happy labors.
So, I asked her out again the following week
Could soon, be the date that I did seek,
She said soon, so I took her family out to eat
Happily everyone I did treat.
I then bought her and her family gifts and surprises
All in different shapes, colors and sizes,
I even bought her an imported dress
So, more she could elegantly impress.
I then asked her out another week later
She said no not yet, as if I were a debater,
But, symbolically I still held and picked her up by the hand
Whenever she needed to stand.
We have never held hands or even kissed
Those forms of affection I have truly missed,
So, I nervously asked her out once again
She said soon, with a laugh and a grin.
I wanted to take her to the finest dinner
As I knew that she was a true winner,
So, I asked her out excitedly one more time
For her any mountain I swear I would climb.

At her job a stranger asked her out
She said, "yes", immediately with a scream and a shout,
When I heard that, my soul sank to the floor;
I won't ask her out no more.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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