A Student's Prayer Poem by Ramesh Adwant

A Student's Prayer

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Our dear Lord in Heaven,
Listen to this prayer of mine.
My earnest plea, if not heard,
May shake my faith in the Divine.

I am tired of this race,
To score the highest scores.
It is not like cricket even,
To loft sixes and fours.

I have been loaded full,
Ever since I was just four.
Books, books, books and books,
I couldn’t say, enough, no more!

Pray, tell me in the first place,
Who planned this jungle lore,
To snatch all my joys away,
And stuff me with this scary store.

Don’t you see the furious teachers,
And parents, so spitefully stern?
Who really thinks of me O’ Lord!
They all want my midnights burn.

Oh, do make sense of this mess,
And let your will work on me.
Teach me what I rightly deserve,
Your leading hand let everyone see.


Tale-Tell story…competition…rat race…ambition beyond capability [of kids and parents] Learning is near-zero…scoring is high…cramming bolus of study martial…undigested…not assimilated… no personality growth…robbed peace and tranquility both of kidhood and adulthood…a vicious cycle…everyone expected to be best…who will be then just average? Pertinent question poetically posed as mouth peace of million of students…thanks…even God can’t answer…lolol 10/10 Ms. Nivedita UK PS Parents please ponder n

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Ramesh Adwant

Ramesh Adwant

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