I Have Mothered It All Poem by Ramesh Adwant

I Have Mothered It All

Rating: 5.0

My children, you are all grown up,
And walk tall with ease and confidence.
I am and I was, as I was long before,
Change for me meant no change at all.

Hope and despair, pain and pleasure,
I have known as my own limbs.
I bore you with hope when faced with despair,
The pain of bearing you was pleasure to me.

To your father, I was only an object,
Of desire, of service; a cushion and a doormat,
I could not raise my eyes or my voice,
To complain, to pray, implore or cry out.

Deaf and dumb I became in matrimony,
I know love is to give and ask not for returns.
Surrender I did to wishes of one and all,
My desires I bundled and threw them off.

Motherhood is all this and probably more,
Options I never had and care no more.
Let peace be with you and with me turmoil,
Swayed and uprooted I would dissolve.


Nice poem on Motherhoodness …the glory…the saga…the gala…the replenishment of rhapsodicness… Mothers dissolve in joy of rearing …but your finish has climaxed…. Let peace be with you and with me turmoil, /Swayed and uprooted I would dissolve….again glorifying Mother Thanks 10/10 [vote to Mom] Ms. Nivedita UK

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