Ramesh Adwant Poems

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Old Is Gold

To be old is to be mature, soft and ripe,
To be sure, supple, satiated and satisfied.
To be old is to be calm, quiet and content,
To be full of everything good, rich and enduring.

The Boss Is Away

When the cat is away,
The mice rejoice and play.
Freedom to relax and to sleep,
Only play, no work please.

A Student's Prayer

Our dear Lord in Heaven,
Listen to this prayer of mine.
My earnest plea, if not heard,
May shake my faith in the Divine.

My Dear Friend

Friends are many
But true friends are few
I treasure your friendship
As a true friend ought to do

Idle Gods

Gods sit idly on the platform
on which they were stationed
No one in my family looks at them
They are there for the elders,

I Have Mothered It All

My children, you are all grown up,
And walk tall with ease and confidence.
I am and I was, as I was long before,
Change for me meant no change at all.

The Only Quest

Five nights have passed since I saw you last,
And still the gloomy face haunts me,
Unresolved, the question weighs dully on me,
And I ask what all this really means.


If you have taken refuge
In someone’s care for your incapacities,
If you have sought a friend’s shoulder
To support your feeble feet,

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