A Symphony Poem by Annie Janine

A Symphony

Rating: 3.0

The sun shone as bright as heaven

The splintering wood gave off a dry dusty smell

All around a rainbow of flowers happily soaked up the light

Opening them selves up to the sky

Reaching for the sun

A puffy soft bumblebee grumbled like a coffee grinder

Sucking the sweet pollen from the giving flowers

A couple spider web clouds

Danced teasingly around the sun

But didn’t dare block its light

A color wonderful butterfly skipped through the air

Pausing only momentarily

To land on a bright little daisy

As white as snow

The air vibrated and hummed with cicadas

A huge bald eagle

With sparkling diamonds as eyes

Swooped down close to the flowers

Its wings as long as a baseball bat

Gently brushed the petals of a huge yellow sunflower

The glittering stream whispered

Adding to the symphony of nature.

Emily Oldham 21 December 2008

nice........... some beautiful imagery.......... keep writing and be yourself Athena *** words will change the world ***

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Chelsea Brink 13 December 2008

This is good, Annie, you are off to a good start. I started writing when I was 12 too-you're writing will improve the more you expose yourself to new styles. Don't fret, write what feels right to you and don't try too hard to impress others-eventually you will develop your own unique style that you can shape and perfect.

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Annie Janine

Annie Janine

Brooklyn, New York
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