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Every step
is a colorful


My life
a pathetic existence

it's my life
and not even a very good one

I have all this passion
and anger
and depression

the evil in man
takes over the good

things didn't work out

I cry
they don't care
my former friends

Why am i crying?
I'm crying because i feel all alone
I'm crying because i feel so left out
I'm crying because i feel betrayed

you think I'm bitter?

yeah, cause I AM bitter, man

You all lean on me
but can you see when I bleed?
do you notice when I need
someone standing right by me

I just want
make you happy

I'm falling
but no one's
ready to catch me

Short hair
bball shorts
still a girl

See yourself as a flower waiting to bloom
A Story waiting to be written
An idea beginning to grow
Find yourself winning

The timer’s ticking was
Drowned out by the din of crashes and rattling
The many pots and pans made
The mixer growled as new ingredients

you look at me
like I'm a freak
because you don't understand
the pinpricks of tears stinging my eyes

does anybody hear her
when she cries?

can anybody see

The sun shone as bright as heaven

The splintering wood gave off a dry dusty smell

Too late
to keep holding

I put these poems
on this site

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i'm 13, i live in nyc, music is my life. simple.)

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Every step
is a colorful

the color
ripples out
in all directions

I dream

A million little lights
go off
in my brain

I'm alive
once again

the troubles fades
my mind hazes over
with careless things

wonderful things
AMAZING things

I watch it all happen
in my head
I see

thoughts dancing
ideas growing
bursts of energy


my mind is somersaulting
cart wheeling

upside down
my world is turned

I'm sitting there
watching it all happen
watching it all change

I'm grinning
a sloppy grin

my eyes

rabid even
finally what I've been waiting for
something new

has arrived
I'm ready
for whatever it brings me

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Rayne Pierce 20 May 2008

heyy wats ^^ uh.. ya i read some of ur poems nd i like them at first they were kinda weird to me cuz like mi poems r rhymed nd urs arent but i read more of them nd they were cool nd i like them soo.... keep it ^^ [ DiMpLeS ]

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