*doesn'T Matter* Poem by Annie Janine

*doesn'T Matter*

Rating: 3.0

You all lean on me
but can you see when I bleed?
do you notice when I need
someone standing right by me

will you listen to my song?
will you smile and cheer me on?
will you help when i fall?

I thought you would care
but now I see that I'm wrong
cause now these cuts are part of me

and the music lets me bleed
it lets me be
it lets me breath

and see that it's all that I need
I need the lyrics and the song
I need the rhythm so I can hold on

to something other than pain
something that doesn't take away
something that gives more than it can take

just let me bleed my dreams today
and tomorrow will be different
a new start
a new way

to bleed myself dry
to not let myself cry
and to keep on helping you

giving you all you need
showing you smiles and making you see
that the future is hopeful

when all I can see are the scars in front of me
and the only thing for me to hope for is
that you will succeed
no not me

yes, you
because i put everything I have
into making you glad
and now that's all that I'm left with

cause it's worthwhile
to see you smile
even when I'm bleeding

and kneeling
and crying
and dying

no, it doesn't matter
just let me bleed to death
your happiness is my final request

but when I'm gone
let the truth rain down on you
so that it's all that you see

and all that you feel
and let the stars shine
so that you remember me

so that my lungs will continue to breath
and my wrists continue to bleed
and my love continues to show

so that the whole world will know
how much you meant to me

Annie Janine

Annie Janine

Brooklyn, New York
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