A Talk With God Poem by Ivy Schex

A Talk With God

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I asked my Lord
Who are you?
He said in a loud voice
I Am that I Am
I am the Alpha and Omega
I am the beginning and end

I asked my God
Do you love me?
He said unto me
My child, I do
I sent my only Son
To die for you

I asked my Lord
Do you care for me?
He replied and said
My child, I do
For, do I not care for the birds?
How much more do I care for you

I asked my God
Why did your Son die for me?
He answered me
The debt of sin had to be paid
Only a perfect sacrifice would do
My Son was the only one

I asked my Lord
Will I ever see you?
He looked at me and said
I tell you truly
If you believe in me
You will be with me in heaven

I asked my God
How can I know you more?
He answered again
Read my holy word
And keep my commandments
Also, pray unceasingly

I asked my Lord
How do I pray?
He replied again
Call on my name
Pray for your brothers in the faith
I will hear you

I asked my God
How did this world come to be?
He said to me
I have created all things
Everything is as I saw fit
And this world is my world

I asked my Lord
When will I see you?
And he answered me saying
You will see me again
When I call you here to your home
And you will see my face

I asked my God
Am I forgiven?
He replied unto me
My child, I say to you
Your sin has been covered
And you will forever be forgiven

I asked my Lord
How much do you love me?
He said again to me
Truly I tell you
Nothing can separate you
From my everlasting love

I said to my God
I humble myself
In you presence I kneel
Your word lasts forever
And your name is on my lips
I praise you with all of my might

I said to my Lord
Lord I am nothing
You are everything
May the peoples of this earth
Praise your name forever
For you are the Lord God

I said to my God
Let the nations rejoice
Let the lands bow at your feet
You are mighty on heaven and earth
And your mercy lasts forever
Surely you are my Lord

My Lord said to me
Oh child, blessed are you
For you have not seen Me
But yet believe in me
For there are those who have seen
But do not believe

My God said to me
Go into the world
And tell all the peoples who I am
They imprisoned me
And surely they will imprison you
But I have over come the world

My Lord said to me
Do not be discouraged
For I will be with you
You will not face this world alone
Be of good cheer
And remember me

My God said to me
Go tell the world the end is near
When I will pour my wrath
Upon the earth
And those who follow evil
Will want to die

My Lord said to me
When you go into the world
Remember I will be with you
Be ready at all times of the day
For I will come soon
And one day you will be with me

My God said to me
Remember I have created all things
From the beginning I was there
And before time began
I was always there
And I will forever be

Brian Dorn 02 July 2006

Ivy, a wonderful dialogue... brilliantly composed and biblically accurate. Well done! ! Brian

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James Papastamos 20 March 2006

Mesmerizing. It has this habit of capturing the reader's soul and bringing it closer to its creator. It is simple, honest and not at all pretentious. It is easy to follow. I loved reading it. Thank you - James

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Duncan Wyllie 15 March 2006

This is truly an amazing write.What beautiful words.Compassionate and full of love.You're A Star! .Love Duncan

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