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He stood there with the force,
Of heavens strength around
Face of child, with true light,
Upon this rocky ground

A moment of quiet, in this frozen house,
Breathe it in, while you can.
He's coming back at about 4: 05pm,
To punish, an innocent lamb.

What about tonight I said?
The big box in the window
My mum is short on money again
I feel that it's a sin though

I saw you yesterday with that brave smile on your face, and it cut
I tried to look your way with a reassuring smile, but still it cut into me
Both of us now, you with the tears fought back, me with a heart that could so easily crack, as I saw you yesterday with that brave look upon your face

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;

Every pulse of life
That melts into a heart
Brings forth a love that's true,
A Child's new birth

Site manager, whom story fell
Of a beautiful castle of old
The stories she could tell
Of pain in life she'd hold

This beauty that stands before me
Unchallenged by the light of day
Or the four winds that surround her
For she has stood her own for so long

That monkey's swinging,
In the branches way up high,
Then he waves goodbye.

I went to the shop,
To buy some nice yellow paint,
For my living room.

Solid as rock, Six feet or more
Punch like a hammer that
Never would fall
Scars like a trellis

The Children were playing
On a hot summers day
In a field near the river
Among sweet smelling hay

I Am Ordinary

I have no great skill
For I am not a learned man

A friend, A true friend does not forget,
So there was she, over the tumbling years

an'd where the waters meet you'll find my peace
a rested so deep as in a winters home retreat
No shadow no fear accompanies me there
no loss or un wise words of -

gently~~~She Sleeps ~~~

Where do all the good girls go?
Perhaps it's easier~~~ say -

Your moment, his might ,
Fear not, the King-
For he that sends his own
To stand your side

We, our plans, in yesteryear
Unknowing real decisions,
Consequences –lead-
We who came before you,

Tonight as I speak
They'll be doing their play
Year four take the stage as their own

May in the moment you stand in the sun
As the four winds surround you
An bless as they run
May in the moment you feel more alive

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Someone who has been in so much trouble in the past, someone who realised only when he was at the very bottom that there was a rope and that it wasn't there to hang him, but to be climbed)

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Keep Your Aim In Sight

He stood there with the force,
Of heavens strength around
Face of child, with true light,
Upon this rocky ground

Guided towards a cavern
So dark he could not see
Then a shaft of light pierced the clouds
This Saint was sent by thee

His white horse brayed and nodded,
With anticipation
Ready for the fight
This Chosen revelation

“Keep your aim in sight
Sever darkness from the light”

One last deep breath in
Banished now his fear
Right arm branding sword, held close,
Shed not a single tear

Shield in left hand flashing
As lightning led the way
Horses eyes of blue fire
A cross now on display

The Gallops sound like thunder
But the silence contained within
He’d come to rescue those captured
And the dragon waits for him

Shards of glass -like rain
He draws nearer to the cave
They fall but, there is no pain
Not touching Saint so brave.

He approaches then dismounts
He can smell its fiery breath
Then opens up a scroll
Release captives from their death! ! ! !

The Dragon came at him
But the Saint He did not move
And a host of heavenly angels
The circle can’t be moved

They opened up their hands
Added light to the firey sword
As it raced to the dragons heart
Captive’s life now restored

The dragon disappears
Flowers pave the way
And back into the shaft of light
This Saint now born new day

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Ashleigh Stephenson 16 April 2006

Nicely put Duncan. I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us readers. :)

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***** ********* 17 April 2006

Duncan Wyllie, from my experience of his work, is an open minded poet with a heart full of nothing but good wishes for everyone he meets. Even those jealous fools who critisize him. I love the honest and forgiving nature in his work. He also gives a great deal of people hope, where before there was darkness. Thanks Duncan. There is a cat playing with the stupid pidgeons. They will get the message one day. Always hopeful Tai

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Mary-Elizabeth Conn 10 May 2006

Duncan Wyllie is a brilliant poet- what a legend! :)

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Lisa Wilkinson 25 May 2006

A fabulous poet and I have only began to read his poems. I will be kept busy for some time.Thanks Duncan, you have fab talent.x

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gone gone 29 July 2006

Dear Duncan......you see so much.....your heart sings out....and in your touch there's always love........thankyou Love, D.

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Andrew Blakemore 26 August 2008

Duncan has a heart of gold and is always there for everyone with his kind and encouraging words. I have come to know him through his beautiful poetry that really is so touching and heartfelt. I feel very honoured to be called his friend. Best wishes, Andrew

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Emancipation Planz 27 June 2008

duncan is the Pro in Found. Love deana X

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Leah Johnston 30 May 2008

Well what can I say? He's a wonderful person, poet and friend. Very insperational, I love to read his poems. They really come from the heart. Thank you for sharing your poems to the world and ME. X All the best, -your friend Leah

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Will Barber 07 October 2007

Duncan Wyllie is a true treasure on this site - or any other. His innovative techniques carry a message of love. Duncan is a true poet, and a true friend to poetry.

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Marci Made 16 June 2007

Duncan, I am so missing seeing new work from you each day, searching for your name on the new list on the days when I'd get up and on line....But, most of all I miss you and the comfort, hope and joy your beautiful works provided and your taking time always to read and comment. I am thankful your words are still here to enjoy but, you need to know this doesn't feel like home here without you....and as Dorothy once said.....'there's no place like home.' One can wish and mine is that you'll come back.....love, marci.xo

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