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Someone who has been in so much trouble in the past, someone who realised only when he was at the very bottom that there was a rope and that it wasn't there to hang him, but to be climbed more »

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  • Andrew Blakemore (8/26/2008 4:24:00 PM)

    Duncan has a heart of gold and is always there for everyone with his kind and encouraging words. I have come to know him through his beautiful poetry that really is so touching and heartfelt. I feel very honoured to be called his friend.
    Best wishes,

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  • Emancipation Planz (6/27/2008 3:00:00 PM)

    duncan is the Pro in Found. Love deana X

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  • Leah Johnston (5/30/2008 1:21:00 PM)

    Well what can I say?

    He's a wonderful person, poet and friend. Very insperational, I love to read his poems. They really come from the heart. Thank you for sharing your poems to the world and ME.

    X All the best,
    -your friend

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  • Will Barber (10/7/2007 8:42:00 PM)

    Duncan Wyllie is a true treasure on this site - or any other. His innovative techniques carry a message of love. Duncan is a true poet, and a true friend to poetry.

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  • Marci Made (6/16/2007 8:21:00 PM)

    Duncan, I am so missing seeing new work from you each day, searching for your name on the new list on the days when I'd get up and on line....But, most of all I miss you and the comfort, hope and joy your beautiful works provided and your taking time always to read and comment. I am thankful your words are still here to enjoy but, you need to know this doesn't feel like home here without you....and as Dorothy once said.....'there's no place like home.' One can wish and mine is that you'll come back.....love, marci.xo

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  • Brian Dorn (3/8/2007 9:47:00 AM)

    Duncan is a master of motivational poetry. His message is positive, inspiring and purposeful. He is truly unique in his style of poetry as well as the quality of his character. Most importantly, Duncan's poems have a way of making the world a better place.

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  • Will Barber (9/22/2006 10:12:00 PM)

    Duncan is a fine poet, and offers encouragement to others on this site through his poetry and through his comments. He is a great friend to art, and a great artist.

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  • Kristin Davis (9/18/2006 12:49:00 PM)

    Duncan Wyllie is an awesome individual who puts his heart into his writing! I think very highly of Duncan... and he's a 'Prayer Warrior'! So, with that being said... if you aren't aware of what a Prayer warrior is then I suggest you look around PH's finest and you'll soon discover that they're awesome!

    Duncan's work is pure and finely etched with love! I don't know anyone that wouldn't appreciate his masterfulness!

    Love you Duncan!

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  • Nimal Dunuhinga (8/14/2006 2:41:00 PM)

    A good poet, critic and what else a man of excellent qualities.He always seeks something new beyond the horizon.
    the scribbler gives you trouble all the time.

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  • Ruby Root (7/31/2006 4:39:00 PM)

    Hi Duncan, You are a great writer, I love your poetry. You are very unique and original in your poetry. You are also really thoughtful. Take care.

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Best Poem of duncan wyllie

Two Beautiful Flowers

I saw you yesterday with that brave smile on your face, and it cut
I tried to look your way with a reassuring smile, but still it cut into me
Both of us now, you with the tears fought back, me with a heart that could so easily crack, as I saw you yesterday with that brave look upon your face

I shall miss you, in ways that I may never find easy to say
And I will cry from a very deep part of me inside
But like the phoenix, though mythical in story
In truth, a simile, I cannot hide

For in your smile my darling, I see something that is born of hope
Something had to...

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