A Test Of Love Poem by Myrtle Thomas

A Test Of Love

Rating: 2.5

A Test Of Love

My heart raced and for an instant I held my breath
why was I bestowed with the richness of your look?
and for a moment I felt such wealth
if only I could write my heart in a book

to see your smile and hear your voice
to feel your touch with my hand
it was not only yours, but my choice
who can know a heart or understand?

were they sparkles or stars I beheld, in your eyes?
and soft symphony melodies when you spoke?
eyes the color of azure blue skies
to try and speak at first I felt I'd choke
but by your whispers, the chains of nervousness broke

why at first the electricity between two souls?
that moves your heart to feel brand new
apart in miles or in depth a void, a great vast hole
and in a vault of memories that spark of love grows blue

true love holds hard to branches deep in the heart
a strong vine the two become entwined, a mighty force
cling together to stay the course
grown from seed deep in the heart, where corruption nor storms can't tear apart

and death itself quiets our words, in sleep no dreams of us there will be
until our maker will set us free, to once again be held like a china doll
and death and fear for all will disappear
the vows of love that contract still will be ours
and again sealed by the silent twinkling stars
again your sweet ambrosia kiss, again I'll feel your breath close to my skin
though roads we rode through life, at times were rough
we had each other when times were tough
I'll have memories locked in heart and mind
with love ever bearing your love was mine.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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