A Text About Reading The Letter Poem by Riyas Qurana

A Text About Reading The Letter

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The words crawled like crabs
On one half of the paper, the letter was drafted
And the sea on the other.

The waves wiped away
The foot paths of the words
That sauntered on the shore.

Some words hollowed out the papers
And razed them off.
A few words glided ashore towards the bay.

I was playing like a careless child
Close to the sea,
That was bellowing like her memories.

The slithering words on the shoreline
Could not be assembled and read.

Some alphabets
Some words
Some sentences
Surfaced on and submerged in the floor,
Preventing me to comprehend
Whatever she tried to convey.

Perhaps she had written
That she never wanted to express
Anything that's definite.

The waves that leap ahead the paper
Revisit with the same speed.

I often yearn to dive into the paper
But vacillate and remain at the shore

Once she had written and forwarded the rain
On one sunny day

Her eyes were swimming
Far, far off in the paper.
And i muse on
The way i melted
Reading the rain endlessly.

The ground and the ocean
That had turned into a letter
In this paper
Will be my haunt

Friday, October 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: fiction
Unwritten Soul 21 October 2016

I love reading this, it is a simple, lengthy, flowy, moving and attractive tone poem...if your poem is a fabric, i will say this is a comfort and soft cloth to touch and feel :)

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