Riyas Qurana Poems

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Author Never Dies

That there is no bird in the in the text
written on a bird
You need not feel amazed.
For our need

The Little Girl Waved Her Hand

Eyeing the sky
the entire place had assembled there

Reminiscence Of My Mother, Filling In Blank

I created the night with light
And light with night.

I created the sea with smoke and hill with water

When The Rain Started Drizzling Into His Story…

When walking on the plain of grass
Passing beyond the hilltop,
The rain started to drizzle over the tree
That stands only in his story.

A Bird That Was Most Used Up

It is a bird that was most used up
Yet, it is still not damaged and in good condition
for years.
As though it is drawn and drawn

Not To Step Into The Arena Of Poetry Just On Request.

He would have been willing
To take me into arena of his poetry
Visited, alas! nothing seen, it was empty
when words are opened.


There is no inhalation here
Can't breathe
Now and then air would come this way
but would at once be chased away

A Text About Reading The Letter

The words crawled like crabs
On one half of the paper, the letter was drafted
And the sea on the other.

Tea At Sunrise

i wait
for the crack of dawn
of an expired day.
bygones can never be brought back!

The Story Of The Cat That Drank The Sea

The drop that was sucked this afternoon
was the last one. The sea went dry.
From the moment the hungry cat in the painting
transferred the sea into its stomach