Daniel Reurink

Freshman - 701 Points (August 8,1990 / Lethbridge Alberta Canada)

A Voice Of Infinity - Poem by Daniel Reurink

A Voice Beyond Infinity

Scene 1
Thunder in the deeps, rumbling keeps in ancient days.
Like old thoughts, mirroring the Truth, in eternal ways,
From the stones, the rocks, the atoms, the stocks,
Clay formed, and sensation gave way to the flock.
Each supply fading away, yet always Tao restocks,
For the Tribe, never moves from Unity's dock.
If one falls, society demands, "Oh, just stand up tall",
Yet, are they the one whose mind is stalled?
Nah, find the Tribe, gathering wide, current's surprise!
Reinvention of lyrical tension, combatting how to revive
The old ancient way of Seers, Green Cloaks live.
For the first tribe, resided in the Mistress,
A lucid spell from Nature's own Brush
Painting each stroke, yet giving plants finesse
To experience the properties, ­individuals mess!
This symbol, The Plant, came to Seer's inviting.
Open the way! Gateways, Lunar­leys, and Aether rings
To bring one from the root of mind's sling!
To listen, to simple delicacy, it is just fighting the silent void
Against thought, yet the Ear listens to the Voices fjord
Split is thought, open your ear to this Sounds Sword.
Scene 1.1
Lunar Wolf! Dark Moon Tribe! Arise!
The symbol, death marks the Bone!
Deep riddled in Heart's Abode!
Mansions to roam, living far from Home
Inside the Deep Blue Skyness Dome
Sends forth! Gives! Realizing
Hopeless forwarding, undoing
The segments attached to the Asteroid;
Comets flying by, just absorbed by Heat,
A radioactive conflagration, remaining complete
Whole walks around, smells the sound
Listens to the voice, the echo around
Not a choice, just specific fates
Rolling the dates, eclipses, wastes
Until the end, thyne will abaite
Here now rolls the Dice of Fate
Scene 1.2
The rings around the Planet's Shape
Give meaning to geometrical states
Yet contained the sound, within
Aether bound, yet boundless fin
Everything comes mindfully in
Towards, towards, BOOM remaking
Open thine listening Ear,
Far from here, fusions fear
That atoms come near to the
Void, blackness absorbed, to what?
Fission making atomic clocks
Let free ride the rays, hopeless hope
Were nothing, except everything, ropes
The strings puppeteer, making unluckier
Fragments to absolute shock, yet comfort
In the way, Providence is the state
Walking alone, gone into whiteness
That which is shall be as it manifests
For what is shape, is also sound relevance
That composites states rearrange delegance
And yes, the sound has lead me through
Clue no clue, what is leftover residue?
Thought is the fragments of the Void, few
Come to see that Oneness combines Relativity
To Absolute Controversy, of open Reality
To the closed system operating free
There is now nothing here, but Presence
Eternal, mysterious, relevance
Comes into me, full fills the body of Light
Ringing thoughts leave my body
As one swims in the oceanic Chaos­blight
The sound waves do not stop
But currents follow ray's hot
To drop, crop, reframe and naught
Into the various states caught
Naught something to keep wronged
The octavation, sound propagation through time
Sublime, how it aligns with the crime
Like a ringing effect, caused by white­Light
Singing out, to the affective fourth eyesight
Eruption particle's sound explodes twine
It reaches so far into the deepest caverns
Not found in ale and the toxicity in taverns
Just a moment, a sound touch, lightning a'brush
Like hail coming down into such, igniting ruffs
Yet so cold no flame is apparent in the rough
What is a flame brother? Someone who has
You under cover, flaming each other's past
Folding, molding, the reincarnation samsara
Nothing really, just flames coming through moksha
Let us now begin.
Heat, flame! Anvil screams in pressure!
The time stresses, nothing alleviates essence!
For the presence is just when it was
And now it was when it was just thought twas
Lucid among the dream amongst
The flame spirit, elemental of the rising
Heat and disorder in the Agni
Enough on that horse and rider fee
Just another radical singing fire free
It's just a game, play by the rules or get burned
The word, heated, can come like a whirling tornado
Of fire that heats the land in a cascade of oil
Like temperatures so humid skin boils
So when you turn around to the portals
One will begin to see the shadow soldier
The word encombs our flesh, making the rise
Of energies temperature, freedom now subside
The essence of myself, and free the invocation
Now is the time for Oneness and integration
So such, the awareness speaks in the Word.
The tomb, the prison of time is the flesh
It is a blessing, and a curse to watch attest
For skin can boil, skin can burn, bones can break
And tables turn. But what is in the thing of things
Is how the reality brings burns, and keeps it flinged
Into the different time­line integrational features
It makes us into this reality, but what did I join back
Who was I before that attack? Was I nothing
In fact, for the whole time I made up its own track
So it consumed my flesh, the whole, the soul
Nothing left to take over, just full, so full
Now empty this is what is thus
So now one sings through the things of trust
But just leaping is like taking the courage
And strong radiation is those who are blurred
The fire burning, the sound of sensation
A luminous chemical sight, of relaxation
We're connection comes through the Fire
For when flames meet, they become One
And dance until the energy is done
Then the fire water thins out
And smoke arises, rising to the top
Like a transcendental smog, from the spot
And then BAM, grounded you drop
Back into reality where you're now a prop
For the Eagle's emanations stop
Let's go deep, entertain a dance
Of awareness in a trance, the lance
Of olden knights spoke through the hub
And said, I wonder what was?
It was, love, but a freak came to twas
Then you can fall for anything
Don't say what you don't need,
Keep it locked, power enforces steeds
That chariot the mountain to rest
But then the ride took a long time to bless
Yet now one is diving deep into the ocean
This is something, or is it just another nothing
Writing in the sling of things, like
My pain stings the deepest root of the tree
Sapling cry, leaves wither, branches grow cold
Like the wishing tree of fig momentary shadowed
Is what am, was, thought before, All Right
Is the sight am giving, through the night
But many rooms to walk upon, just a thought
Maybe I should rest? Or relax the minds thought
Into another coherence table toss
Let consciousness now retain awareness
Light is a information genesis
Captured fire, radiations rudiments
Flames here, flames their, flames dance
Everywhere, yet nowhere is it found
Than more simply burning the ground!
Here we kindle the flame
Bubbles rose from what was first frost
In the glaciers of time, interwoven
Freezing still frozen, captured lost
Yet thawed to the nothingness
Of what appears as appearance
The silent wind eases upon the breath
Of motion, captured at still rest,
Singularity forming the essential Test
To awaken, from asleep, perchance
Dream upon the realm of Chance!
Coming backwards, in the timeline
Moving craters, rocks, mountains, aligned
To the crime, even a snail can climb
The tallest Rock, involved in the Mine
Of mineral thoughts that do combine
Heat the flame! Sound the Rod!
The tongues have spoken out loud!
For all is clay, we are shaped away
Rusting and withering in the play
Breathe and fire soul in the past days
As time moved, forethought left
Afterthought came by but was next
To the riddle, the way consciousness
Coming back as the destroyer,
Of worlds, dust ignites through vacuum curls
To take form in another sea
And cool from the magma freeze
As the gentle breeze pushes atoms along
The dance of what one sees
Is apparently currenting strong!
As the coals of time cool from the water
Melting and merging into all fields felt
Like a luminsicent wave of light's dancing
Substance, that comes into the pressure
And tethers things like strings to the puppet master
For Alchemy is essential to human Nature
For how else can clay be iron to gold rapture?
Iron sharpens iron, clay dissolves fast
As gold is malleable and can survive past
The realization that nothingness captured
The song of time, versus infinity aligned
Then praising, denying, waning
And then performing the actual fact
That the universal principle is still infact
Alive and kicking, Diamond made from the
Temperature giving away, to the formlessness
And allowing the tension to cool the isness
The waters began to cool, allowing
Kelvins to dance in performing
Temperature changes, radioactive ranges
Beyond the scope of mind's own eraser
Know to much thine ignorance is full
Empty like a cup, drain all that is their
Feel the motion, the breathe, the air
As the cup washes away and drains
Be fulfilled thyne wisdom from cooling pains
Just like the Mountain, always losing gains
Soft dew amongst the blanketed canvas
That we paint in image of change
Separated inane, the waters left
And moved above, cleansing rain
As some droplets make it to the cleft
As the tale unfolded, the fold came
To be shaped in density made
Like vibrations strange and dazed
Leaving residue for those who seek
But nothingness to provide power weak
As dust to dust, so burns the ashes
And energy thus begins to weave static
Exciting the play, through the dynamic
Shift of patterns, allowing change to happen
While the Monad embraces One
Dance dance dance with a grain of salt
For salt helps one avoid the faults
Of shapes entertainment, the play
Arrangement, from above as below
So such does the song mellow
Sorrow from another realm, infinitude
Destiny is rather crude,
Matter that forms itself from clay
Into the shapes that we see today
Beyond what was before, a revolving door
So back through the gate, around the bend
Take the corner and you're back again
But what does one do, when the key fits in
And unlocks the portal to misery and within
Embrace the nothing and learn to swim.
Unio Mystica, paradoxical light
Oneness around but divided all sight
Into indivisible infinite of what's right
Capturing all within without contrite
Is what one must do in the darkest night
Now as one has to embrace
Duality is the conceptual stasis
Let Right be Left and Left be Right
Middle path through all + ­ ­ + life
For in this light, all is white
To dissolve the realm of duality
One must become one with humility
Purity than ascends and cleanses ship
And the boat doesn't sink, it persists
And thus then one is the flow
Toil toil toil and trouble
Boil the well on the double
Frogs and newt, sticks and stew
Ogre, bat­wing, the morn dew
Combine all then form anew!
Deep cauldrons bubble with the song
Of music before the Dyonisius throng
As muse of Awen, the deepest seer
Comes to me from the well that's clear
Atoms rise in the mist, something never missed
For the well gives Beingness to each thing
And as each being is a thing­in­the­slings
So such doth thine way alter the health
Of what is present in the Dragon's Mouth
From fire to ashes to the deep waters Hot
We need more Fire! We need the Water!
Go chop wood and carry another!
Then boil, boil, stew and gue
Let the maker remake you new!
For in this light, all is past due
Light, essential nutrient of photosynthesis
The tree of Oak, found in the synthesis
Of relations to the dark moon antithesis
Fearing deep patterns form the being
One must be nothing, calm, clean
For the being enters, it clears, it eases
It performs, it makes, it controls, it ceases
But if you take from another, it takes from you
For the elemental reaction is both ways! Few
Know this but light attracts what is not sight.
For shadows first shaped the night
In the formlessness the densities might
Could not fathom the impervious light
That came to be from unhindered sight!
For this new right came through esprit!
No Not­Being through the currents Stream
In light, this, essence serene!
Is not segregated, separated, nor chained
But remains, captured, imprisoned, bane'd
To the Shenzhen, pilgrimage of Hun and Po
Let release, sorrow, tomorrow, never new
Just left over residue, coming through
Fragments, dark matter, infects
The, mind of what is, this is fact
For non­being is allowing capturing
Deep currents undertow the realization
Totality is what reverses sterilization
West to East, find the common station
That teleports astrally to imagination
Then comes back, and rewrites creation
Beyond the Water's edge
Just abysmal torturing blackways
Like roads current that you sense backwards
As you walk around deadpool gathers
This is in fact, no limiting together
For the beyond is still, something willed
But not, yet found in sought, for still
It is together, remaining unnoticed
To the plethora of flames that walk by
For an iceburg, blue flames make it cry
From Source to Source, anchor to beyond
The realm free is found in song!
Verses through the muse, everstrong
To unite the Dust to Dust moving along
Currents of rays shine forth among
Bifurcations, bifurcations, and relocations
The teleportation has realization
Upon the fact that dendrites are existing
In the intertwining web conceptualization
This is all fact, under the key clock major
From the first entrance, walked upon the Way
Open doors then Source showed the play
Unlike any other day, first the bright sun Obeyed
And rose from the depths like a flowery grave
For death first came, and walked saved
But death to death, ashes burn light
The sight upon what is is terrible insight
For reaching deep within, the prettiest might
Can be overcome by faith in your sight
Unlike the followers who can read or write
The first thing that rides the waves time is greed
What do I need or want, some questioning
Like ambivalence to the returning destiny
Need this, want that, third world country track
You are all materialistic realms stacked
Go live in nothing, go eat your soul
Become total, become full
Be absorbed into the Divine Whole
No total, no soul, just hollow
Play the reed like a swallow
For snow leads down the glaciers melt
And feelings vibrationally are felt
Sensations are nil, what a like
For only inbody outbody does night
Come for the death, like white
So as times melted and came to flow
The lightning blasted crystals, starting glows
That allowed for the first principles to develop
Rays from orbs and shining crystalline structures
This is the Way that Walked Before
It came, particulars, things that needed
To be brought forth, manifested, incase
The realm of very things had to retrack
But into its form, a density out of track
Led to be, nothing, in this fact
So the particulars particles form segments
Rays that teleport and regenerate
From the photon light fire's debate
What is, is fire, that is not mistake
And this is how things burn, hell is now, fate.
First captured flames, times of burning Sage
That led the Father Sky to the Mother Earth
And felt its consciousness in all things melt
As glowing lights flew, so did the attachment
Of different dust particles, to the salt
That liquidized on the crystals, just came to be
Water thus formed into spheres and the sound
Of this hissing fire against water
Held by its bay by the Sky Father
While Mother earth formed clay smothers
This allowed for the first constructional
Basis fact that reality is attached
To each state, experience, date
And all can be recalled by a mana weight
That pulls the consciousness force abait
Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Aether
All captured in the prism
Colours abound, feelings in sound
Collision met, opposites resound
Towards the Way that Features
The lucid dream that so such steals
Men away from hope, the Star's Wheel
Cyclic in time yet everlasting appeal
This is where one meets his own meal
And takes down, up, left, right, Real
Things come upon manifestation
Tao's designation in active Realization
That form to be is essentially alienation
Allowing the bend of gravity's relation
That keeps things together, saturation
As things expanded due to expansion
Contraction kept the states from retention
And allowed Goldilocks Zones to fashion
Leading the Way for fusion, fission and passion
To unite the story, to feel the elation
It came upon Earth, Sun, Sky, Moon
Light's fire coming soon
Yet balefire stops, rewrites, destroys
Fabric own perception, rewriting
History as one own being
Each moment to that moment
Not this moment is torment
Each to their own atonement
Not this and Not That armorment
So be still, center, calm, tornado spin
Within the webs of split the conditions win
Mineral thoughts in crystallized fin
Expansion to each atom swimmed
In the currents wake, alone, each atom
That awakes, explodes, fires Colosseum
Like each atom a gladiator in it's own prison
Fighting the electronic spin Kadammon
From source to source, eating the Angels Way
To come into the play, and eat nothing stays
But when nothingness adds to everything strays
They come like dogs barking at midnight hounds quay
This is the eternal fight for rights, nonlinear
Ways, that come before the fabrics glimmer
Such as that which is in the essence
Permeance through luminous beings existence
This is one to another, both fate the brother
Like Zeus and Hades, hating and loving one another
This has lead to the split found from Mother
That the Heaven's Father blesses Earth anon
One Dragon to the Next, one will say
Fire never rests, always engulfs the way
But smoke cinders to the next state
To clay formed through hissing water's mate
So what we know is this is the first existential
Fact, that water and fire make ash, relax
But then Earth could form and evolve
Into what we know as the string's current
All primordial existence persisting without
But within, the Sky, the blue Earth amounts
To what is right, what is beyond thought
For nothing conditional can get caught
The Sea abyss, underwill currents
Leading from destruction to Earthly gifts
Some sense the way, others don't
But what Some Praise, got ya daze
Into another frame, that strong's love
Albeit flowed in tears from the lips
Of those who cried in the name
In the darkness; the fear in the shadows
Opening portals to the Heart, just
Away in numerical felt sense, blind
But never in lust, always helping kind
To show what is beyond in astral mind
Love moves frames still
Love under will
Aha! What a remembering blight
You are guided now by light!
The will of Love, pursuit or passion?
Goal of all or hate in fashion?
Gravity connection the one to one?
Or does it all just be the many and sums?
It is what you make it, but perfect prelate
Come to dance in tunes of purities weights
Leverage from both states, divided contrates
But nothing really makes the mistakes
For the the dentist gives false teeth but the preacher can give
Ya something to chew on
Just leading it down another book number
We are just lyrical singing in the angle
Of what love comes to show, height and low
And remember in sorrow, tomorrow
We just sell our soul, but no control
Doesn't show that we can't handle the load
Aha! Found in the verse
Splendid rehearsed, started
To excite in this part
For Active Infinity wishes to depart!
Aha spell, lucid dream of his
To relate to all the love he could give
To another, all around, tarot, sound
It was his access point to us profound
He could excite the play, dance the tune
Sing merrily and cry to soon
But all in all, he lead the way
To show that one can transcend, in all ways
This is the path, we showed us all
Remember, leave your relationships
Not standing tall, but leave them to the door
For the command was to be at peace;
As above, so below.
One is Total, perfection, in light
That one is not dreaming the dream insight
But revealing various plots rights
Admitting, at fault, is what is all amount
Better days, nothing in the future
Just the Sun, that has come to the rapture
Leaving us the fire of One, to unite under nature
But then we just speak, to one who is
To be, found free, spirit sounding freedom
In the resounding millennium
The window of pain, the torture of left behind
But not as greater to know no pain in sight
This was in the right, blueprint
What is next? The sunset?
Or does it go and let?
And Set the arrow pointing met?
This is what has come to be, a phase
Just another daze, in days
But these things come through the ways
Of love in this poem, a interlude from the
Gravitational pull of the insights
The current is willing to give all love
For it is a flight of doves
That capture all moments above
And send pure thoughts through waves
This is like dancing saving dances
Of what could one do in multidimensional
Trances, or even states that predominate
That relational states that
Give to love, love to receive
Will to bless, love to greed
When one is past, one is gone
Be ever here, we are strong
The will, that is Love, for desire is lust
And a greed set in rust
For the old self of thought oxidizes to a point
And then realizes its joint
That the reverse and forward equilateral
Never forms in the material
It just spins and webs the deceit
In myriads complete
Love is will, as will moves action from Love
Without the love of loving oneself
One can give no love, no action
Thus can't in steady reaction
This leads to see that love is just a
Responsive coherence to gravitational fields
That attract or repel, from what is next
Moments blessed
To find love, is to find will
As underwill, the current is love
Behind, is love, the wall, is love
The love, is what, is, in tall
No walls, all love, all existential points
Relative to the center joint
Love reveals the insights to will
But will must put action to love
So to see, one must always flow
The flow is love, thus when in the flow
The flow is of the spirit and one moves
Into the state of now coherence
To learn the current, love holds it strong
To discipline oneself in action, is everlong
But moving such in a song, preaches
That the brave are not always thronged
To be in will is to stalk the being
And see from self the way unseen
Then with that one moves to past
And lives in the moment until his last
Love is learning, learn to love
Nothing, a net, that caught a particular
Sediment, grid to the network cure
Capturing, all moments that are blurred
Liquid Flux ruptured
Into inness, without the providence
Beyond the layers, different elemental
Barriers, yet no to this and yes to mental
Shut down yourself, walls turn metal
Into rock, ore, iron, than gold middled
Things just come alone tethered next
This form, a mirror background shadowed,
By each own's wake and forest meadow
Found within the dark enclave redetal
Let thunder come down from the fellows
Reign on earth, sulphuric mellows
What is it that gives? Charity
Is over all hospitality
Loving those who wish to be
Found in mercy, the sea of love, Albeit
Flowing from grace in the race
Each gene to their own pool
As each vortex is it's own cool
Of density matters and love woo's
Let life come through the new
Bless forward in the clue
What is this? Man sand and land?
All as one to command?
Who was throned before the gland?
That opened and allowed uplands
To downhills and farther strands
The sight to wave upon the crest wake
Is their own mistake, for beneath lakes
Lie to caverns and caves they forsake
Tunnels for snakes to slither in mates
Just another hidden story one will relate
It is pathetic to see, men is diminishing
Towards a chaotic state while ordering
The simple few, in the altitude flying
Down to the grounds, grounding
Those who go to the nothing
Man is simply a mirror, a reflection
Of each sand in the hourglasses perfection
Counting down roots to the typical distraction
Yet grow both ways is the true passion
Of what love wishes to shadow
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Do we crumble or do we stall
Do we jump or do we fall
Does the ocean current love recitals
Or just isness in the moment call
There is really nothing more loving
Than a mirror enacting
That some things are benefacting
But reducing
Towards A higher solution
Nothing to find, nothing to search
Give up now or you'll be hurt
Seeking and buying, gossip and lying
Towards no­blue sky you're denying
Passion the running around trying
To not be who you are already dying
Nothing is set, it will always let
You to see who sights in roulette
Of the chance, or games, playing techs
Who dance and hide in mask
For nothing set the pace for this task
Nothing always has happened
Nothing will always happen
And nothing keeps on happening
This is what is happened
For the happening happened
And Will happen
The All creates the All
Nothing creates Everything
Everything is Nothing
Nothing is Everything
Everything creates Nothing
Silence, order in the court!
Melting pot in bottom pit forts
Constructing silent retorts
While falling down into report
Of what is this, or not that appropriate
Middling, one can see through the tune
Radioactive decay that flies through
Each clue, riddling that, all new
Leaving the sound memory of what was
And twas thought before the lucid dream
Only a lunatic would deny the Truth
Stopping a fire with water, always lose
Things to expand, gaseous boiling noose
Getting down to it, one may come unloosened
Performing that dance ensuite
What holds castles and forts together?
It is anon thing that changes weather
A force of community, flying tethered
Into the abyss's own terror's severing
All that was not this isness configures
As still spaces hold the deepest layer
So does each layer make a player
Who can't see, beyond through realm
Of specialized treatment of i'm in hell
But this aint coming from those you tell
For silence holds, and tethers together
All layers and communities special
For man must walk in the forest meadow
Alone in the tree's and the hollow
Sings the silent Oak and Bamboo melody
Deep ravines hold the darkest secrets
Mysterious lands beyond the crevice meetings
That land in a spot, spot and feathers
Tinder box and toil in benders
Let all ignite! The sound of anvils
The sword hits the steel, the sound reveries
Let a song that inspires the weak
In the suite of malicious counter repressing
A tale that doesn't fit the dressing
But each has to sing avail to the boat heavily
Trust beyond what is known, no knowing must
Keep you centered in all yourlust
To keep you going, spiritual bygone
Lands of spending a making ride ons
Nothing new, just typical martyrdom
What one says and what one preaches
Can't even reach beyond what is teaching
Things to me, to you, and placings
In foot holds you don't even know, debasing
My right to speak and the current's lacing
The lunatic only fears the unknown
For intuition lead first shamans home
To the way, then back, rehearsing, fact
To show the tribe the way, dance in the day
Going back to the first, this was the way
We cry for the Void! Voices for everlong!
Mysterious song blending through wrongs!
Never ever again through the fog
But toiling and courageous smog
Leads to the Dragon's mouth replugged
As one works with one, so does sums
Equate the Oneness of all the Suns
That heliocentric to the system's One
Leads all others to point down the spell
That spiralling, we are all in hell
As we work in an order, a one form
This allows us to unlocks doors storm
And through not this, but that, norm
Comes to everlong and the love
That sits under will through the glove
After this, the spell of such!
The formlessness will come at once
After the tune of what is going end
Infinite will take me, where shall I go?
Into the fire of misery I shall glow!
As silence is a name that is nothing
It comes to show, the game fluxing
Of all moments to that one next
Particles of us are already dying blessed
We are everywhere in all space dimensions
This multidimensional conversational
Telepathic state, is rational, ya debate?
Or just irrational to the scientist gate
Beyond the thought, this will find
A home to the link divine!
The Tao gives the Silence it's spell
To form words and make holographic wells
Than arise from the deepest swell
And the currents fire us to hell
As the abyss is water's foretell
That as water flushes over body
All things are relativity
Giving, always Giving release
Nothing to particular debease
That is how we are community
We receive all moments from nowhere
But now here we find it everywhere
So each moment, a blessing received
A spell that time lines may not grieve
But something that must be seen
Life, Love, Send me your way!
Give towards the Moments stayed
Purge everything in the way!
Death to one who cannot save
Or set the path for others grave!
Halls of heaven, splendor of heroes
Time mysterious in Elysian fields
Time of Epitaph and converging
To the things that we think rehearsing
No­mind, pure spiritual awakening
This is the rapture awakening
It just released and poured straightening
The old fox looking for revenge
Just amend the heart and feel it blend
Nowhere to run, the void waits….
Each moment sent,
That living is
Shocking ignites the spirit
Into a coherent
Beam of light, beyond esprit
Something Tachyon to the wit
A dream flying faster than it
Caught in the blueprint
What is next, o wait, forget it
And stop talking, sit in it
Relax, nothing particular to it
Just a name riddled shit
Commonplace for dimwits
BOOM. Splits the AEther
Wizards feature of nature
Coming down with a broomstick swept'
Cleaning the floor that is all wet
Is it in me or in the hat?
Or is it both, disorder and order relation?
Or nothing, just a typical fascination
Of a fantastical nation
In one's head, drying radiation
Or in one's head, raditiona's nation relation
Coming back, from the bubbles wish
A true gist of the typical list
Of what one sees, in the oceanic abyss
For sharks wait to eat your wish
Of going to the next of what is this
So cool, flow into the ocean
Let each current come in motion
As next is next and there is where
Nothing comes and nothing stares
Down down down, to the ring of flares
O the burn, the fires, the sword
Cuts deep into the wounds gorge
Crevices beneath the map
But things that don't even relapse
So cool, the burn, ember, turn!
This is the way, how you must adorn
To the heat of the scorn
That takes you down below all norms
And flies you with what is around
That is the reverie sound
As embers turn
So such the world burns
And always reduces tracks
Down the whole attack
And relax and sit back
The cooling element pristines into clarity
The diamond awareness comes within
And doesn't even stop away
It just hopelessly stays
As coal turns hard, pressure weighs
And the diamond
is made.

Topic(s) of this poem: divinity

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is the story of all beginnings and ends.

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