Daniel Reurink

Freshman - 701 Points (August 8,1990 / Lethbridge Alberta Canada)

Grave - Poem by Daniel Reurink

Their is something beyond the grave,
A crescendo, a token memento
Rising within the Transcending redondo
Temples of Victory, an Orb Essential
Nightmare awake is the dreaming Race
Deep down in the Sorrow's Way
Tomorrow is stringed to a Harp.
The sphere's orbits ring Loud in Start
Pillars of Creation, Imaginations restart
Deconstruct destiny; Endlessness below
Supernova blasts shocking eternal masks
Identity spent through bewildering facts
Coming undone, revealing no Fortune
As it is, emergence reports, nothing is retortion
Around the stillness, arising from blackness tasks
Now is Endlessly here, rising then dropping flasks
Potion's brew of take some Herb and Relax
As now apart, comes together, a fiddler on the green
There are voices, streaming through, the web of thought
That comes through me, but is really, something of me?
Or is this thought, just a thought?
When did it start? It was always, there from the start
You ask, but the solution is in the question
Who am I? Who is I? I am Who!
Who is a mystery
Set yourself free
Taking myself now on a ship that floats away…
The pools of chaos around the vortex slip days
Into hours, long memorizing towers
That castle walls in fact daily shower
Upon the vicissitude of my life
Current thought and emotional strife
Just thrown to the side, like the Peasant's life
But beggars can be Kings, when rich
Is in the root of slings.
For I'll take you, far from me, away
Together sailing, destiny
The sun was bright, it was a green day along the grass
Moving momentously into the pasture
The cows didn't eat any grass
For the torture they knew coming would make them pale
For death walks the fields
And that old time brew of late night stew
Was coffin dodger dew
I am quiet in myself, this is the guest, what else?
Are you waiting for me? Are you here
Am I fact or fiction? Just a fiddler
Speaking without thought and an orbiter thing
Just a heliocentric model and energy!
Take my model, hand in hand
Synergy, sinicization, dimensional lands
For inside of me I can set you free
For no me resides like an ocean sea
I am open, your pain will go, you are free
Now listen, i'm not writing this for you
It's all for me
It's a golden touch of remedy
To write without thought and mature flowering
It is like, vampirically the end of all thought
Measuring it in square knots
That tangle around the circumferences not
How do I see all this, vision in the naught
We are so close, so far, but right now
In the moment eternally allowed
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Topic(s) of this poem: divinity

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