Time and Time Again

A Walk Through The Rain

Slight drizzle of the rain,
Dripped off my already wet shirt,
Drenching me inside out,
Flooding me outside in.

Warm tears trickling down,
Looking at the world through those glassy eyes,
I see a different you,
A different me.

What I had let go then,
Can't claim it anymore,
You belong to another now,
And may never be mine ever.

How could I've walked away,
How could I've surrended,
Why couldn't I battle till the end,
Why wasn't I strong enough.

Regret washing over me,
But it can't claim you back,
Not anymore,
After that day.

Maybe that came too late.
But now,
I truely am remorseful for ever losing my grip.

In those young days,
I threw my love away,
Into the depts of the endless field,
Never thinking about the consequences.

A walk through the rain,
Saw things in a different light,
Had you've been in my place,
The day I uttered those hurtful things?

Poem Submitted: Monday, May 21, 2007
Poem Edited: Monday, February 28, 2011

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