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A Way To Love God

Rating: 3.3

Here is the shadow of truth, for only the shadow is true.
And the line where the incoming swell from the sunset Pacific
First leans and staggers to break will tell all you need to know
About submarine geography, and your father's death rattle
Provides all biographical data required for the Who's Who of the dead.

I cannot recall what I started to tell you, but at least
I can say how night-long I have lain under the stars and
Heard mountains moan in their sleep.By daylight,
They remember nothing, and go about their lawful occasions

Of not going anywhere except in slow disintegration.At night
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Brilliant poem, excellently rendered. There is no any way nor path to love God. As far as I know, since Ephesus: God loves you/us overwhelming, His Love for mankind, we serve Him in our prayers and sermons, but never how much we love God. His love for us is great and He wish to restore that contact of Love. He loves mankind so much, that we must feel that love one sunny day when the time has come that we, each on our own way, can feel HIS LOVE. To experience God's Love is a wondrous experience. Thank you for sharing this brilliant poem. The way this poem is told, is impressing.

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