A Wife In London (December, 1899) Poem by Thomas Hardy

A Wife In London (December, 1899)

Rating: 2.7

I--The Tragedy

She sits in the tawny vapour
   That the City lanes have uprolled,
   Behind whose webby fold on fold
Like a waning taper
   The street-lamp glimmers cold.

A messenger's knock cracks smartly,
   Flashed news is in her hand
   Of meaning it dazes to understand
Though shaped so shortly:
   He--has fallen--in the far South Land . . .

II--The Irony

'Tis the morrow; the fog hangs thicker,
   The postman nears and goes:
   A letter is brought whose lines disclose
By the firelight flicker
   His hand, whom the worm now knows:

Fresh--firm--penned in highest feather -
   Page-full of his hoped return,
   And of home-planned jaunts by brake and burn
In the summer weather,
   And of new love that they would learn.

Brian Jani 16 May 2014

Mr hardy Amazing showcase of poetry, keep it up

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Mad Ting 19 January 2017

nah not really just a bit meh could do with some more FX but would rate 8/8 never read again. Got to do this for GCSE English this year and I want to cry its so boring but would still rate it. should of been directed by Michael bay but that would just make it the ultimate meme of the century

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LIGMA 21 September 2018

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jkjkjkjkjk 23 February 2018

I hate this lol what is the point in this

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bobby 30 December 2019

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EMC1234 15 January 2019

this poem is good guys is very useful for your exam and GCSE

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