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In my working life I was a Floral Artist, creating floral arrangements for births, weddings and funerals. A demanding but very satisfying career. I have had two commissions to create floral bouquets for Queen Elizabeth II, which was a great honour.

I have two children a boy and a girl, and two grandchildren, a girl and a boy -13 yrs and 11 yrs. ...

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mbgjhdxfjxk 08 February 2018

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Andrew Blakemore 02 September 2008

I was introduced to the poems of Ernestine by Duncan Wyllie who told me that she was a very fine poet who wrote in a similar style to myself. I cannot thank him enough for that message. As I read through her work I was amazed by their quality. It is said that all great poets possess a very beautiful mind and Ernestine certainly falls into that category. Best wishes, Andrew x

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Tirtho Banerjee 01 April 2016

congrats, Ernestine. It's a masterpiece

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Scarlett Treat 06 November 2006

The clear, perfect beauty of nature, whether in calm or storm, at sea or on land - that is what Ernestine is all about! Her love for this earth and all its joys and beauties and sorrows are here....and it is a real treat to read her work. Sit back with a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy!

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Dr. Gerry Leonard 28 December 2013

Concerning the poem about the empty box: I was captivated by its meaning. I am writting a book entitled, Looking Into the Windows of the Soul - Kitty's words are so meaningful in that it is Psychology in a Box. Through the eyes of one who beholds what is real and holds what will last; carries the thought that any imagination that is fulfilled with love beyond measure will always adventure to worlds where wounds of turmoil will always heal. Kitty has a marvelous heart that keeps her mind anchored to her soul. I trust that she will continue to write as her compassion reaches out to the mind, heart and soul of others. I would also like to use her poem in my book. The empty box nails the thought of what I am writing about in the fifth chapter.

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Gayatri Phukan 06 August 2020

Nice word.beautiful poem.thank you poet

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mckenzie holmes.d 23 September 2019

the person that made the poem is the best

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A B Faniki 18 September 2019

A thoughtful piece. Thanks for sharing such vivid images

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Gertrude Osei Tutu 19 February 2019

Ernestine Northover, I love you! I can totally relate every work of yours. It's like you're me, but born earlier

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Ernestine Northover 29 December 2018

Anne, Amy is all grown up now with children of her own and I don't think she writes poetry at the moment but she may go back to it as she gets older. I know she enjoyed composing the ones I put on my Poemhunter site for her. She was so proud of them. I'm so pleased that your pupils enjoyed them.. A very Happy New Year and may poetry find a place in your pupils hearts. Thank you for comments I will pass them onto her when I next meet her.. Regards Ernestine Northover..

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The Best Poem Of Ernestine Northover

Hold You In My Smile

Sweet moment, stay with me,
and pray do not flee so soon,
Let me enjoy the bliss of that
first kiss beneath the moon.
I wish to cradle this feeling,
that has only just been found,
A feeling that has unexpectedly
turned my world around.
Do not depart, Oh please remain
within my heart awhile,
So that I can savour you once more,
and hold you in my smile.

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Ernestine Northover Popularity

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