A Woman To Her Lover Poem by Christina Walsh

A Woman To Her Lover

Rating: 3.4

Do you come to me to bend me to your will
as conqueror to the vanquished
to make of me a bondslave
to bear you children, wearing out my life
in drudgery and silence
no servant will i be
if that be what you ask. O lover i refuse you!

Or if you think to wed with one from heaven sent
whose every deed and word and wish is golden
a wingless angel who can do no wrong
go! - i am no doll to dress and sit for feeble worship
if that be what you ask, fool, i refuse you!

Or if you think in me to find
a creature who will have no greater joy
than gratify your clamorous desire,
my skin soft only for your fond caresses
my body supple only for your sense delight.
Oh shame, and pity and abasement.
Not for you the hand of any wakened woman of our time.

But lover, if you ask of me
that i shall be your comrade, friend, and mate,
to live and work, to love and die with you,
that so together we may know the purity and height
of passion, and of joy and sorrow,
then o husband, i am yours forever
and our co-equal love will make the stars to laugh with joy
And we shall have the music of the spheres for bridal march
and to its circling fugue pass, hand holding hand
until we reach the very heart of god.

Thursday, January 1, 2004
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Anonymous 25 January 2018

no point typing to her she died in the 1700s haha

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Soumita Sarkar 29 December 2013

Excellent...poem! ! ...loved the idea..the manner..the logic in love.....its divine....

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Kelly Trewin 06 October 2013

love this poem it's amazing

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Ken E Hall 22 October 2009

Breath taking words of wonder I love you too! regards

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melissa mundy 24 January 2008

fabulous use of words. beautiful imagery

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