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Come and hold me tight
With no streak of light
to come close between two
sublime bodies of faith

Two separate world’s union
Pure love was the reason
You called me your drop
That floated high on top

I am not a treasure
whom you can buy
in falling measure
any time for your pleasure

Till your heart my long search ends
You turn into a hope that remains
Shoots of my desires started to settle
To find a corner in you to huddle

It was creepy dark
No place my life to park
Very gloomy and hard
My inside burnt

The day I chanced to see
A poem floating like a song
I knew for sure it shall be
You for whom I long…long

Taste it slow
not with tongue
See it deep
don't use eyes

My life a canvas of failure
never get what I desire

Wings of my dreams they curb

This craving to remain connected
Is a sole bane of internet
Minds taking shelter in smart phone
Disclose that they are eternally lone

You are growing in me
Blinding me to the world
Spreading your memories
Blending me in colour

A wild fascination dragged me
to a picture and it’s profile
which I happened to see
in my friend’s friend list

In all my defeat you alone stood beside
My world of blunder seek in you a guide
When everyone headed for their own way
You opened a new window of ally each day

How can I control this pace?
My heart is always at race
You can never know the truth
Even if you stare at my face

Why do we fall?
At a corner of the road
That takes us to heed a call
We must not give up that's all


Many things I do in a day
Are far from my liking
Faces and grins I respond
Not are spontaneous as so.

This unpredictable game is Yours
Your omnipotent name is imprinted
on all sides of the dice
whichever way it turns or glides

Heart sings
desires get wings
the world around
soaked in feelings

Girls of all age covert to have a fair skin
So all creams, face wash and sunscreen
Claim high to offer a better result
If used regularly by young or adult

Life offers us
much more
to our disbelief

Reflection of anxiety bunch at every node
Mind gets blocked, no change, no mode
At right time if right things connect
It happens to bring forth the right effect

Soumita Sarkar Biography

I am an enthusiast.... for everything in life that offers peace and tranquillity........a truly loving, passionate, creative and imaginative soul at its best when left alone! .....I love good company, mostly who can share my likes.... a good cook, a good teacher, a loyal friend and also a good wife......)

The Best Poem Of Soumita Sarkar

Touch Me..... See Me

Come and hold me tight
With no streak of light
to come close between two
sublime bodies of faith

Come smell me through mind
Shallow and depth defined
Then wind of plain delight
Shall bathe you every night

Come see me with your soul
that craves for a cozy nest
and crimson melodious feather
to caress and ignite forever

Come feel me with your tongue
Lives so meaningless shall
rejuvenate in my spring
to love bloom, pain shall ring

Come and read mystery in eyes
That spell magic on beholders
And sends rivers of solace
down the reeds of lonely gates

Soumita Sarkar Comments

Mithilesh Yadav 09 February 2016

Brave and Strong........ A teachers PEN should always be like that...... grrt Shakti rup naari, har yudh ki tayari.. moh, rag, dwesh ko katti ek kattari.... ghan ghor samar, kalam amar, kagaj ki ranbhoomi, dharm yudh, karam yukt, sacchai ki bayari..... shakti rup, nari rup, har yudh ki tayari

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Biswajit Basu 17 May 2013

Hi write very beautifully indeed. I enjoyed reading both A Canvas of Failure and Bye Aishu: the former for the sadness of relentless adversity and the latter for its poignancy. May i also request that you try to wade through my didactic poem, Verses on the *Universe. It describes the birth and death of our Universe and the trillions of years in- between. I tried to keep it poetic though it reaches the frontiers of contemporary scientific knowledge. Perhaps you might also glance through the humorous ones like Cossipore & the Migress, A Bus Ride in Kolkata etc, etc.. Thanks and let me know what you feel.

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Soumita Sarkar Quotes

I fail...I strain the get a straight rain

i bleed red of hope run in i pray for death to descend

When it blows hot and cold All you bought can't be sold Fumes rise and grief blow Still a smile must glow

Can go mute for length Can pray for strength When God becomes blind Here grief is never kind

Never lose your self for the one who doesn't deserve you.

Be assertive, Be calculative, Be authoritative and Be manipulative when you can't follow the first three.

To land among starts, shoot at have moon's company aim at galaxy.

Pray & pray they I say I pray and you too follow the same ray.

Hope grows from faith, faith comes with belief, that belief in Almighty and yourself is the core of hope.

That which is yours will remain so; that which is foreign will certainly go.

Mind plays game and heart loves. One controls the other releases us from indecision.

People want you to excel BUT not more than they can scale.

Neutral thoughts are hard to form, we tend to sway negative after staying positive superficially.

Astrologer, numerologist, Tarot card readers and palmists make money when confusion, doubts and dilemma blur our vision and we grow insecure.

What is new today shall turn old tomorrow, yet we go on living our lives.

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Soumita Sarkar Popularity

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