Safi Hyder

A Wrangling Phenomenon - Poem by Safi Hyder

The mind wandering again into those distant horizons
Piercing the obtuse veils of the thickened oblivion
The last of the few subtly wrangling phenomenon
Pleading definite answers for very indefinite questions
Some, as important as, the theories of creation and resurrection

The umpteen millions scavenging the space to be turned asunder
Seeking the ever elusive fame, glory and running fully disillusioned
The temporal gains blinding their relentless blunders
Catalyzing them to tirelessly conquer one another
Senses, as frozen as the frosted ice, in the cold Arctic circles

The talks, lofty and tall, yet the hearts filled with nothing but envy and poison
Extracting amusement from the woes of one's own innocent brethren
The ephemeral pleasures obscuring their foresight and vision
propelling the ever raising heads of greed, lust and perversion
Thoughts, as wicked as the demons, in the Pharaoh's devilish dominion

With the shadow drawing longerand signaling the imminent surrender
Though eager, yet, tiresome, I hastened to talk louder
The more and more I pondered, the less I faltered
And the less and less I wondered, the more I gathered
Purity then, as pristine as the tear, hung off a sinless soul! !

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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