Safi Hyder

A Tribute To Life - Poem by Safi Hyder

No, she doesn't have those dazzling lustrous eyes
as of the virgin maidens in the heavenly Paradise
Neither the splendor of the full moon light
brightly glowing the darkened desert nights
Nor her beauty is exalted by the rapturous Aphrodite
to entice the weary soldiers and the wandering sailors alike
Yet, I feel and sense her often and umpteen times

She was with me before arrived my worldly time
guiding me to extract from my mother's enzyme,
and rejoiced my parents as I squealed and cried
urging me to exact my suckling right
and sung lullabies when no one was in sight
impelling me to crawl, stroll and hike
and pointed to me who's nice and who's vice

As I blossomed into an ever inquisitive child
allured me to try experiments in different styles
drawing angst often and eulogies some times
Spent with me sleepless nights while I wandered
in temporal passions and sung some incoherent rhymes
While I scorched and parched miles to make a living
she cheered me up when I was stripped off my last dime

Though not very certain, might go beyond the octogenarian line
to wilt and wither faster than the fall of Constantine
quickly ageing in the torpid melancholy and solitary confine
to count every breath and get ready for the frightening surprise
she won't ever mind to serve those superfluous miles
and won't leave me until I would have bid her a tearful bye
to ultimately fade away into the total abyss and void

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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