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A Year Ago I Met You - Poem by Annaya The Poet

Can you imagine it’s been a year ago today?
And still I haven’t found a sure way
To break through your shell and become close to you
To get to know you and become a part of your life too.

Can you imagine this?
12 months ago I met you…Would you have gathered this?
In 12 months two people can fall IN LOVE deep
In 12 months you can find a soul mate to keep
In 12 months you can go from making millions to only few
In 12 months you can build a castle or two

It should have gone like this:
Within hours you should have known if you liked me
Within days you should have known if you wanted me…sexually
Within weeks you should’ve known if I make you laugh and cry
Within months you should have known if I were genuine or a lie

Yeah it should have been easy to decide
because when we first met, I know you remember the vibe
That night was a night… I really didn’t want to leave you
Captivated by your style, conversation, how good you smelled too
And I remember how you noticed the smallest little things
Like my light brown eyes, lefty and no wedding rings

But in a year’s time you have affected my soul
Leaving me craving for weeks…not days, truth be told
And I’ve tried to shake you off and just walk away
But somehow, thoughts of you creep into my mind every day
I’ve had many romantic fantasies of making love to you
When it’s just me and you alone doing things we like to do
Taking long walks late at night by the sea shore
Kissing and cuddling under the stars ‘til we can’t take it any more
Sponge bathing, sitting with you inside of me
Right now that is my ultimate sexual fantasy
And I’ve imagined you licking water drops from my breast
And exploring the depths my secret little treasure chest
Caressing your face while I whisper sweet words to you
Gently stroking your body getting to know every part of you
Oh yeah I’ve had thoughts about getting straight raw
Freaking you, you freaking me they’d have to make a law

Now, with all of these thoughts you’d think I won the prize
Unfortunately between us there’s been too much lost time
That’s why it’s still a bit awkward and still strange to us
That’s why we haven’t gotten to that comfort zone of trust
Yet when I’m with you, that’s where I know I should be
It just feels right like you belong with me

So often I’ve gone back and questioned if I said anything wrong
Or if I did anything like came across too strong
And after how long I’ve struggled to finally become me, ghee
I’ve asked myself “Why is he acting like he doesn’t want me? ”
But then I pulled my head together after 12 months to be exact
And I stopped questioning any of the qualities I might lack

I understand now that with so many people pulling on you
Their demands are too great to open that space beside you
So that I can cuddle with you, and be a comfort to you
And do sweet little things to take care of my man, my Boo
Then again even if I try and you let me in
I still might not measure up to the places you’ve been
So there you have it….You can’t see your forest for the trees
Greener grass out there somewhere is what you believe
I’m your diamond in the rough but I don’t know why
You insist to miss your water when your well runs dry

So, I had to get my mind and emotions under control
Because this emotional rollercoaster has now gotten old
And sadly I accept that I am just not the one
And with that, dear sweet heart this poem is DONE.

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