Abandon Poem by Elena Toledo


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I leave you; I leave you with your life,
with your lovers, your adventures and projects,
I leave you without my thoughts, sad and
wounded, without my questions
without my broken answers, but do
not believe as a fact everything, do not
believe never believe, this false abandon,
because I will be there when you least expected,
for example; in an old age maple tree with dark
nodding branches, or in far away galaxies that
shine higher when you are there gazing at them.
I leave you without the memories that lived in our
minds for decades, I leave you, I leave you. But never,
never be assure of all this ridiculous abandon, never
my darling, never because in this abandon I'll always
follow your steps, in anything you might
gaze at so hard that you disappear bringing me
back into your lonely world all over again.

Chan Jee 22 September 2008

my friend, I read your poem again and again.I think inwhich you love, really hard to leave.it needs time to heal its injurious.I could not go deep into it, inwhich I wanted. your devotion, sincereity to describe someone in beeds is excelent.there is no doubt in it.you try to draw a painting with your words. you are successful too. abdulrazaq missing your mail bye

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Dr.subhendu Kar 21 September 2008

minds for decades, i leave you, i leave you.but never, never be assure of all this ridiculous abandon, never wonderful write in surrealistic way, yet it flows across the plexus of life and living in the nichie of togetherness still with fluffing memories, i yet speechless by the abandonment, well penned,10+, thanks for sharing

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Elena Toledo

Elena Toledo

Cuba Havana
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