Disintegrate Poem by Elena Toledo


The pain enables your will power, like the
sand that sucks in the waves of the oceans
edge- it can't flood much more. Life is all
about pain, if you let it rule- pain smiles,
cries, pain conceals behind our jokes,
and smiles, in our dreams and fantasies.
Hide, hide, but never leave! sickens your
guts, The world is full of it, pain! Tell me
the purpose, tell me the good side- yes
pain means your still alive- in body and
spirit. What if we had a switch we could
turn off and on, to make ourselves free
of pain, and when we need to weep, turn
it back on. I quess there's just one way and
that's to surrender yourself. No more pain,
or live with it- pain rules you, hunts you-
making it less easy, let's go back, and just
release it from our world.


Well designed and crafted poem, surely Elena you know what is pain, and what is the cost of it. But you give us hope as well (will power) . Thanks for those verses.

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Javier Falcon 15 September 2008

Finally a writer from my native location... This is a well structured piece of write, as I can relate to the thinkings of pain, and how it affects us... Well, splendid write...

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Elena Toledo

Elena Toledo

Cuba Havana
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