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The wilderness is her getaway; out of
civilization, away from pollutes and
stress, lives free like a soul without sin,
like butterflies and fairies; she dresses

Nobody knows this little butterfly,
who wanders and roams
who seeks for the senses of love,
Nobody knows her, so tender so pure,

Passion does not have Culture's or
level's of studies passion comes
from the heart, how one sees life
from inside the soul, passion is like

Waiting for you

Waiting by the strand of the sea, the sand

Angels come hear our praise,

every where i see their face,

élan vital

I want to go where the land
Is boundless, where the wheat

I'm here, you are there,
a vessel waving in our veins,
the hours that count my significant
life, the constant image of thee,

I leave you; I leave you with your life,
with your lovers, your adventures and projects,
I leave you without my thoughts, sad and
wounded, without my questions

The pain enables your will power, like the
sand that sucks in the waves of the oceans
edge- it can't flood much more. Life is all
about pain, if you let it rule- pain smiles,

It is not how you look,
But how I see you,
With chaste heart and pure eyes,
I solemnize you,


is a peaceful
sunday afternoon

Betrayed is a canceled line with

an attachment of true lies- believing


A deep dark ocean swallowed

her dreams, a black rose with

Love can kill you alive,

burn you without fire,


In this autumn storm, and this loneliness,
I would tattoo your face to my body; and at
every long night, autumn leaves will fall,

I'll be there if you need me with

a bruised heart, with a wounded

A winter day will sometimes bring me the
flu, but I always wait on the blazing sun that
rises every now and then in winter season,
warm sunshine, warm you are, every morning

She walks in beauty, eyes soft,

Innocent; silky breast that captures

I say, too much passion in us poets,
like a touch of a thousand
saccharine taste invading our veins,
we cannot restrain, we



The next time you come to my door,

Elena Toledo Biography

Elena Toledo: Born in Havana Cuba December 19,1960. Elena Toledo came to the United States at the age of 9. Her family arrived in Miami Florida, she grew up and has lived there ever since. In 1976 she register at Wilfred Academy Beauty School and became a Cosmetologist. Elena always loved to write, but she never thought of writing a book to publish. She registered to The English Center to improve her writing skills and graduated in 2007. Elena has two kids, a daughter Eileen Garcia, and a son; Luis Garcia. Eileen is a college student at Barry University, studying for Forensic photography; her son is a General Contractor in Miami Florida. Elena is now in the middle of writing her next book- a dramatic novel.)

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Beautiful Soul

The wilderness is her getaway; out of
civilization, away from pollutes and
stress, lives free like a soul without sin,
like butterflies and fairies; she dresses

soft, with color and textures of silk and
pastel. She can be spotted from a distance,
her moves like flying fairies captures the
eye. When she needs rest; she strips down

to pure nudeness, she lays on the fresh grass;
becoming the essences of a frame. She falls
asleep like a Goddess princes, she becomes
meaningful to every creatures sight. The young

pigeons come and gather petals and cover her
nakedness beauty. She walks away leaving
her unforgotten image in the eyes of one.

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Elena Toledo Popularity

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