Abba... Poem by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.


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Oh, the tragedy of the human race
Without the sway and sublimity of grace...

Gnawing at the roots in slaveries of sin,
Of 'unredeemable' craze and whim.
The brainsick, rambling passions -
The robbers of unfeigned compassion.
The bullheaded sin -
The wrecker of profundity and pity...
World unruly malnourished of mercy and charity,
Boiling in the lake of depravity,
Boiling away on account of gullibility -
In blind conformity and widely run into insanity;
Devoid of taste at all times in dispiriting haste,
Faces of dreariness, nauseating sin murkiness,
Underfed of logic, arrogant of arrogance;
All in all ignorant about its ignorance
Submerged in death-defying,
Unsafe as fire tolerance...

Oh, the tragedy of the human race
Without the sway and grandeur of grace...
Plunging into unredeemable gloom and distrust
Without the Redeemable, never-fading
Never-failing 'Must.'

Charles Carole 30 August 2008

Dr. Kardas, love this poem! Again, you don't waste any line - each line has very important truth that leads to another line with another important truth. Indeed, everything that is really fruitful MUST be rooted in God's grace.

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Christian Soldier 07 May 2009

Presented with prolific proclamations of probity! Well done...God bless.

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Jay Pappalardo 17 April 2009

Since you mentioned the bullheaded sin... in the age of widespread sinfulness and moral confusion, all distinctions seem trivial, and most people don't have any rights they can insist on since their unrepentant sinfulness deserves damnation. Yet, as you powerfully remind us, everybody can be saved by responding only to God's all-powerful Grace. So much insight and spiritual instruction in each line! Many thanks! 10!

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Jeremiah Bodine 14 April 2009

Most weighty reminders and warning of the multitudes of souls that unfortunately will perish because of rejecting the sacred teachings of Christ. Your style and messages Dr. are no nonsense, clear and to the point so needed in this lost and at best confused world. PEOPLE NO LONGER KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SIN AND VIRTUE! Thank you for being a brave voice of reason in the world of deception and treason.10!

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Jonas Kildare 06 September 2008

Truly a rousing poem...I agree the tragedy of the human race is the fault of 'bullheaded sin'. Our world is crumbling around us and we are too blind or just brainless to know what to do...We must STOP 'boiling in the Lake of depravity' and return to the TRUTH of our Divine Creator. Only here we find true peace and meaning. Thank you for the great inspirational thoughts.

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Peter Laskin 31 August 2008

Dr. Kardas: So Awesome! Your poetry is really inspiring and full of deep spiritual meaning. I'm thrilled Charlie (Digg) led me to your poems...they truly are a 'spiritual feast' as he said. I could not stop reading...I must go back now and digest every word carefully. Thank you for sharing your love of Christ and His commands...I too will try my best to do my part and share them with my Sisters & Brothers in Christ. Again, love your style! 10+++++++++++++++++++++ Peace & Joy in Christ ...Pete

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