Spiritual Deserters Poem by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.

Spiritual Deserters

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No taste of victory when lacking self-diminution -
Self-deflation invites soul-searching and contrition.
No armor of courage without harvest of self-sacrifice
No loyal devotion while lacking the gem of selfless devotion
Love's abandoned without oblation and dedication
Look at the Cross without Its Triumph all is a loss...

To conquer festering lies to save grandeur of lives
With gangrenous moral relapse,
Needed collectivity shall collapse
Self-satisfied fragility - foster nurse of society's
Crooked path and rascality;
Ill-thought-out liberation -
Many shades of values cultivation
Cannot bring forth humanity's unification.

Unchecked passion and urges, untaught hearts surges
Baseness and futility of ways and means father
Futility and baseness of events and ends...
Violence wears garments of lies, concealing crimes;
Participants in diseased deceits,
Expanding deep sea of gory misdeeds.

In malicious and volatile world, on destruction brink,
Be brave!
Do not waste your ink!

Kaye Dudley 18 August 2008

LOVE this poem! ! ! There are many important messages to take DEEPLY to heart.YOU definitly don't waste your ink! Every line has profound meaning. Thank you for bringing this message to many of us who need to hear it. Keep up the great work!

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Roseann Shawiak 04 April 2015

This is a very deep and profound poem of many ideas, I had to read it just one sentence at a time to grasp the gravity of each message contained therein. It is a hard hitting look at people's lives today, indeed truth and spirituality have been abandoned for material things. These deserters you speak of do not have an interior life, they have forgotten how to nurture and grow their spiritual intellect. Such an excellent poem,10 - 10's if possible! Thank you, RoseAnn

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Twin Sisters 16 May 2009

When in doubt...LOOK TO THE CROSS. All the answers are there...and ONLY there. Great poem! Thanks.

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Penny Lane 17 April 2009

Dear Dr. Kardas, 'Look at the Cross, without Its Triumph, all is a loss...' - this is the most quintessential Truth and reminder to ponder upon to save and restore our lives. And, indeed without selfless devotion, self-sacrifice and humility, there is no real life and thus no hope! Most essential truths written with careful skillfulness and eloquence. Dr. I assure you that there is neither wasting a line nor ink in your great poetry! It is always a spiritual banquet reading your work.10+++

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Richard Sullivan 03 November 2015

A spiritual reawakening of great magnitude. Penny addresses the issues eloquently. Thanks again Dr. K.

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Suyatha Kemm 25 October 2008

You are indeed a BRAVE and God Inspired 'Penpusher'! We love to read all your work...poetry & prose. Never stop pushing that 'pen of Truth', your work is a true blessing for us all. Thank you, and God Bless... The Kemms

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Roger Guzman 02 September 2008

Dear Dr. K. Another smashing poem! Yes, I too believe this world is on the brink of destruction because of the millions of 'spiritual deserters'. The mates are sinking their own ships...without God they haven't a chance to survive the storms...Love the first stanza-deep meaning and original writing. Keep that pen moving! RG & Pals

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Richard Sullivan 03 November 2015

Great point RG. We all agree with you also.

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