Barrenness Poem by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.


Rating: 4.9

To fail to set sights on the good which is highest
What debasing, and mortifying gamble
Is it not evil itself?
I get the feeling of sadness, my Lord...

To be pleased with soul's poorness
What spiritless weakness,
Same as holding in contempt
The beauty of
Much to be looked after trueness
Much to be fostered meekness.
I get the feeling of sorrow, my Lord...

To be a stranger to what is faultless
Being outlander to that which is spotless
Isn't it a housing for aches useless?
A shelter to struggles worthless?
I get the feeling of grief, my Lord...

To be gutless in allowing evil
To litter and pollute the soul
What a fabricator of false coloring and error
Shameful suppliers of evil in the world.
I get the feeling of mournfulness, my Lord...

To heed to gluttonous demons of the flesh
What enslavers of damaging baggage!
To turn to flesh - to hide in the flesh
To turn away from You, my Lord...
I get the feeling of stomach ache -
I get the feeling of heartache, my Lord...

Sin - the voracious thief
While there is no desire for what is just and right
There is for all time selfish - injurious greed
Sin - the voracious thief of joy and time...
I get the feeling of sorrow, my Lord...

Such a throbbing waste
Aching heart bleakness
Such a burning of the seat of thought
Incorrigible, unpersuadable? weakness
Dark fleshiness
Unsteadiness and unbefitting weakliness
Culpable unconcern
Culpable ignorance
Diffused complicity to evil
Diffused participation in error
Diffused complicity to terror...
Diffuseness of support to loss
Fertility of fatalities...
At what cost? !

Kaye Dudley 30 August 2008

Dear Dr. Dorothy, Extremely powerful poem - it speaks loudly and clearly about the reality and seriousness of sin; our 'culpable unconcern/ingnorance.' Unfortunately, as you point out, we all contribute to spreading evil in the world. I love very much the sad repetition at the end of the stanzas. Beatifully written!

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Lady Evans 06 June 2014

Just love the way you SLAM evil Dr. Kardas! Unbeatable imagery and delivery. From a fellow pro-liver on twitter.

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Christian Soldier 07 May 2009

Expertly decreed dogma...confutes the doubters indeed! God Bless

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Jeremiah Bodine 14 April 2009

Dr. Kardas, this is one of my very favorite poems! You amaze the reader both by the depth of the wisdom included and your absolutely genial expression in this poetically penned masterwork. Thank you for the elightenment about the tragic and even catastrophic effects of sin, which we all should feel responsible for by either perpetrating or failing to respond in eliminating evil. Very powerful poem written in a unique style reaching and stirring the soul.10+++++

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Godspower Oshodin 08 September 2008

it awake the spirit to it calling ways. i believe every things comes for good. what an artistic mind you possess ma'am, keep up the good work.

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Jonas Kildare 06 September 2008

Indeed, at what cost? Our soul.... once again you point out it is in serious jeopardy because we are 'gutless in allowing evil'...What will it take for humans to realize that it is 'sin the voracious thief' that is the culprit? Masterfully done...thanks again for the brain awakening thoughts.

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