Traitors In The Ranks! Poem by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.

Traitors In The Ranks!

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...Gelidity is always
As stone

Infidelity shocking
by Christian groups
Betrayals staggering
by Catholic troops
moral blindness
political darkness
all of us fools!

'Guilty of all
crimes committed'
in mess uncommitted
lukewarm, ill-directed...
missing candor,
lacking courage
willy-nilly, silly-billy fools!

Is the Truth liberating
over our heads
to settle for
callous muddleheads?

Spiritless gloom...
all shall break loose
from louring doom...
from sinking
in mess uncommitted
being 'guilty of all
crimes committed'
undisguised fools!
a 'hangdog' demagogue
without excuse,
out of order,
unworkable duels...

Is the Truth Divine
over human head?
Or the gray matter
grew painfully mad?

George Gilbert 15 November 2008

Right on Target! I tend to belive the last line of your poem is the correct answer! Many in today's society don't follow the teachings within their own religious beliefs. It seems to be: All for ME FIRST...they only try to erase all reminders that God is watching them every moment...Great reminder that we all take the blame for these crimes. GREAT WORK!

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Jonas Kildare 15 November 2008

Suberb delivery! Traitors filtering in everywhere; keen insight. We all enjoyed your new editions.

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Twin Sisters 16 May 2009

A verse that will span the ages of poetry...timeless truth. Our thoughts are crystalized by your immortal words. TRUE FAITH is only REAL when you are willing to DIe for your beliefs...not flutter and swirl as the 'wind' blows! True Christians do not waiver or wander for a split of second from God's Truth. Well done! ! !

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Christian Soldier 08 May 2009

Vitalizes the virtuously vigilant to vivavious victory...leaving the luke-warm in a din of babel & serpent's lies. Fervent prayer their only hope, affirmative action in the direction of salvation, at utmost urgency....The alternative is unthinkable! Great for thought...Am I a traitor in God's Army? God Bless...enjoying your medium of poetic genius in leaps & bounds!

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Eagle Eye 18 April 2009

'silly-billy, willy-nilly fools! ' RIGHT ON! Coming from a psychologist and a theologian you sound like a 5-Star General, and I salute your efforts Doc. to educate us about our universal foolishness and lack of involvement to better our spiritual life. I enjoyed your language and frankness! 10!

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Mary Jose-Phoenix 16 April 2009

Dr. Kardas, I am very glad that after reading several of your spiritually and intellectually challenging poems, I found this one! I actually laughed reading its very truthful yet amusing and humorous expression! Great ending! Couldn't agree with you more! ! ! God bless... Mary

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Sophie Mae Mishkin 27 December 2008

Dr. Kardas, You are truly amazing with your witty and brilliant ideas! Found those lines extremely humorous and wise: silly-billy, willy-nilly fools' and 'Is the Truth Divine over human head, or the gray matter grew painfully mad? ' Yes! Unfortunately and too frequently we all fail Our Loving God!

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