Shireen Ramadan

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Acid Akbar! - Poem by Shireen Ramadan

Burn in nematodes, be a Byronic acid.
Holy wreaths to boil the vomit twin.
Moses, father, I lost the spectre.
Their sacks under skin to evoke Magus.
Claws are snapping the acid Akbar.
In flames, I rip to raise the names.
Nails, nausea, I'm the numb ov nemesis.
I wrote their manuscripts to wake the matter.
Devours in sacraments, burn in nematodes.
A testament ov shaping the valley in them.
My letters in the wind ov noma, to curse the Earth.
The cup ov Eucharist, I lost the spectre.
For epic trees to bleed in Shahada.
I fight the crust ov illness in hypnotic cloth.
Casting the bible, curses eternal.
Strings, stitches, the milk over threads to sew them.
A calm psychosis to write the history.
To multiply in cockroaches, to cream the nasty.
I lost the spectre, I woke the matter.
Calamity in creatures, their legs in shatter.
Lies, Christs, crosses, coffins.
A carrion death ov nematodes in the shroud Akbar.
My devours in sacks, above the noble.
My girdles ov torture, to cut in cells.
Nerves, fleshings, phlegm in throats.
Whores, fingers, the carnal remains for aristocrats.
Black identities to curse the Earth, to revolve around the script ov god.
Initiate his acid, their wake ov globing.
Materials, machines, industries, fair lexical to twist.
Sew their skin to hang the nobles.
I fight the crust ov illness in hypnotic cloth.
In phlegm ov time, in a solid ylem.
Before the chemicals, in raw elements, aba evolution.
In whipping iron ov prostitution, the sufferings are crawling in cloth.
Blood bottles ov victims, the cause, in scripts.
A global cell to multiply prisons, my devours in sacraments.
Semen, altars, epic trees are bleeding the fluid.
From the red bottles ov carnage, their walls to sew the void.
Casting the bible, a black in eternal.
I lost a noble spectre to breed the nematodes.....

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 11, 2012

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