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Ants Ov Haram, Thy Spell! - Poem by Shireen Ramadan

Chalk, sulphur, blood, hair.
Black eyes, North & South.
The dry dust, the house ov Satan.
Flesh, flesh, oil, the weak.
I don't believe.
I don't believe.
The black on paper, the needles, the alphabets.
I write from tumour, I invoke her.
The black ov spell in five directions.
Domination, North & South, above religion.
Sow the wickedness from lime trees.
The trees ov sins are rusting on my land.
For her sake, the sore ov lime.
Rusting, echo, holding the infant.
To the tomb ov teeth.
To the blood in narrow.
To the nooks ov candy.
Eaten by them.
In dust, I invoke her.
The whisper in sable squares.
Ants ov Haram, thy spell to fall.
Tiny deities, imposing arms, in eight legs ov cancer.
The death in words, the unspoken I overrated.
In every tone ov shroud, deafening the nooks ov candy.
Fall thy blazes to the undivine bloodline.
Bleed their vengeance in squares ov divine.
Spreading masses over nooks to come, I hark the Allah to shut their Haram.
In flowers ov mind, in grease ov danger, the black ov spell in five directions.
Chalk, sulphur, blood, hair.
Wax dolls, black eyes, pantomimes, I unleash the postmortem.
I invoke a phobic yore, in heights ov Allah.
Thy sides, moving, hark my awe in nooks.
Fester, moons, gore plagues, the Kingdom to come.
Frail the unity, deafen to seize & choke.
Stare, Solomons, sly, slaughter.
Crumble, subconscious, chromosomes, breed her tumour.
Give us our daily bread, thy chronic sap in profound.
Thy presence, in eight legs ov cancer, His infinitude in pomes.
Wax ov dead, black eyes in nooks.
Drug to dig in flesh ov Haram.
Inversion, grand, colonies, squeal the ants.
Around, around, our spell to come.
In content ov germs, in shrouds ov illness.
Their drums, in tunnels, to dig, to us.
I harked their tumour to squeeze the firmament.
Hurricane ov heights to digest the lost.
Consume, conquer, corrode, catamite.
Hew the lust in ants ov Haram.
Whispering, suffering, suffocating, pricking.
In dead motion ov larva, in apoplexy.
My fall in chromosomes to digest their Haram.
Their drums, in tunnels, to dig, to us.
Her hooks, blood heaves, graveyards, the black on paper.
Exorcize, above religion, distort the dolls ov infancy.
In flowers ov mind, in grease ov danger, the black ov spell in five directions.
Stagnant, extinguished, menstruate on white.
The guilt ov omnipresence, the hollow, the needles.
Consume, conquer, corrode, catamite.
Bleed their green, burn in catarrh.
I terminate thy spell in flesh ov Haram.....

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