Across America Poem by Poet Dragon

Across America

He traveled to the canyon,
and thought it worth its name
a canvas for the sunset's gleam
to luminesce with flame

He walked from there to Laughlin,
he gambled with his change
and lost it all to old rich men
who thought him somewhat strange

He climbed into the Rockies
to soak up nature's balm
was lost three days, but made it out
before he'd lost his calm

He trudged along the highways,
to cross the rolling plains
was picked up by a trucking man
who taught him sins from stains

He crossed the Appalachians,
and hiked their wending trails
and when he left their beautied flanks,
saw ocean fraught with sails

He chanced upon his forebears
in graveyards near New York
then celebrated mortal things
by gambling with the stork

He sojourned south with patience,
he laughed at simple fun
found love in lonely white sand
and the preachings of the sun

Project Stricture 18 April 2006

Subtle inclusions of fantasy with a rhyme and a meter that let you recite it over and over again. I liked it.

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John Tiong Chunghoo 19 March 2006

this is a sure lovely poem.

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