Addicted Poem by Ella Rose


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It was a cloudy Thursday, March 2009...
I remember it clearly..

I was shivering in withdrawal,
my blood was boiling as I began to fall.

Addicted to my addiction,
lost in my fantasies of hopelessness...
Walking down the wrong path of conviction
into a black hole of nothingness.

And there you were...
baby sister needing,
her big sister...
her big sister...

You held me,
you fed me,

you carried me upstairs,
and drew me a warm bath.

You compelled me,
dressed me,
sat me down and prepared me.
pushed me on the right path.

Similar experiences you have seen,
your past drifted into my present,
motivated me to get sober and clean,
to grow up and be independent.

Same parents,
related through blood,
I was crippled and paralyzed,

It was you, Karen,
the only one who understood,
my big sister I idolized.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: addiction
Mike Smith 19 April 2016

A moving piece about a journey to recovery and the person who helped you to get there. This is what families are for, times of need like this. A great write, honest and touching. P.S. Someone apparently gave you 2 rating on this... Don't mind that, it's a good poem

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Ella Rose 21 April 2016

Thank you Mike, you are very sweet :) Yes my family is amazing :) ~EllaRose~

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