Addiction Poem by Rajesh Kumar


Rating: 5.0

Shots of you I need, multiple shots,
One call at a time, one sms at a time,
One short drive at a time.

I need to drink from your laughter that overflows
In short bursts of child-like chuckles,
And be right there when you holler,
In the middle of the night
Bringing down the house.

I love to listen to your poems,
They are so terribly better than mine,
And I so love it when you ask me to read my lines,
Late into nights, and so out of time.

I love to go to cinema with you,
And when you whistle at Salman, God! ,
I have no where to hide!

And I love to go shopping for churidaars with you,
I love the pile you mount in the trial room
And hate the look those ladies from the mall give me,
When you dont buy!

I love to walk down lovers lanes with you,
My left hand in your right
Hearing your chatter right into the starlit nights.

And I so hate to dropp you home,
When you to look my way
And sashay away knowing well,
That my eyes are glued on to you.

Some faint waft of perfume ever remain,
In the car as I find my way back,
Home and so alone.

With your tears and your laughter,
With your delights and your disappointments,
With your urges and your surges,
Your needs and your denials,
You paint my life in a million hues.
All my memories, are so awfully
Colored by you.

Should there be more reasons...
I am so damn addicted to you!

Romeo Della Valle 27 December 2009

Great and deep poem, full of imagery, well penned,10+++keep it up! (If you have the time, please, read my poem titled 'A LOVE'S ADDICTION'....

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