Addiction Poem by Jazmin Nakia Blackwell


Rating: 5.0

She moves in closer,
And slowly you bag
Away from her.

She knows
That she has you.
Your trapped in
Her evil mind
That black hearted

Still you move back
Further away from her.
But soon you find that your
Stuck in the corner,
And she is closing in.

She grins that devilsih smile.
You fall down and crouch
As if that will protect you
From her seducing you.

She says don't be afraid.
It won't hurt,
At least not at first.

You begin to cry,
God why was I so blinded
That I became a victim mixed up
In her life sucking plot.

She grabs you and stares
into your eyes, deeper, until she
snatchs your soul.

Your mind is lost,
You become hyptnotized
By this beautiful

You start to put up a fight
You tell yourself over and over
Not me It won't be tonight

Then you start to remeber
all the sweet memories
you and her shared,
and you give in.
She kisses you and you give in again
And the life you knew suddenly ends.

Bob Blackwell 21 January 2010

Excellent poem, shows us how we must never give in or we become hooked.

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Jada Barnes 25 July 2009

Such passion and depth to be infatuated with a lover is a dangerous game. The feeling of being lost in a dark place were there is no light.

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Siddharth Singh 24 July 2009

well and truly addictive.

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Patrick A. Martin 23 July 2009

What a fantastic description of addiction and captivating just like the suject matter. Jazza you beautiful flower I believe you may be one of the most valuable in the garden of God's life force A thousand blessings to you and a TTTTTTTTTTen as well

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