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I have always had an urge to write but it was only recently I convinced myself that I could. The poems on this site are my first attempts. I prefer to write in prose to rhyme. I intend to continue as it has given me more pleasure than anything else I have experienced. I strongly believe that we are all citizens of this world and we all deserve a f ...

Bob Blackwell Poems

! ! At Days End

As our sun sets,
our moon,
a citrus segment,
halfway to whole,

! ! A Happy Person

Storm blown ripples
line my weathered brow,
face a map of life’s journey,
of striving, disappointments

! ! Life

This life,
this energy,
this consciousness,
we sense in

! ! A Moment

Just a moment.
Yes, a moment in time,
A moment in your day,
A moment in your life.

! ! At Daybreak

Sun rises on our anxious world,
Streams of light pass through trees,
to uncover a partial waiting scene.
Robin the day’s first sound, sings,

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p.a. noushad 10 November 2008

your poems nerrate the life itself

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Bob Blackwell 23 September 2009

'What wonderful thought-provoking poetry! I thoroughly enjoyed all three poems by a person who can certainly call himself a deep-thinking and empowering poet. Each poem was a heart-felt message so clear and powerful in its simplicity. I felt a familiar desire when reading these poems; a desire to embrace the poet's understanding of achieving peace and harmony. His ability to use poetry so effectively to describe universal motivational principles is commendable.' This was written by the chief editor of Reach publishers. --------------------

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Shashendra Amalshan 26 July 2009

Hello sir! ! ! ! Bob Blackwell is an inspiring poet indeed.. There is lot to learn from his poems...Specially for the budding youth, some of his poems are great i guess.... And above all I feel he is great friend indeed..... He do a great service to this site, by writing such refreshing pieces! ! with love] shan

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Mimi Fakhira 31 May 2009

Bob Blackwell is a wonderful and inspiring poet. No word is comparable to his talent... his poems reflect the lives in this world, the beauty of nature, and many other topics that may seem ordinary but is compiled greatly and differently. Have a good day! Regards, MIMI

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T McH 26 May 2009

A true poetic gentleman; rich in dispensing words and wisdom alike, with style, eloquence and empathy. Hugs to you Bob. t x

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Dennis Tan 15 January 2009

I've read some of your poems and found them all meaningful. Although not strictly 'traditional', they are somewhat 'structured' and contentwise, they are great!

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