Adieu Poem by Bryan Taplits


As one garners his years gazing on a life now 'not-what-was'
(For it was easy back then and 'oh, what a ride') ,
Where I traveled my best, but never alone,
For I had a steadfast companion near by my side.
Yes, as one evolves one meets new weathered events-
Which are conquered and vanquished as one tries his damn best,
Where every puzzling strong wind leaves you whistling and wheezing
At another of life's dread tests.
But one thing I do know (at least I figure it so)
My brother, tough mariner- taut sails re-casting in relief,
And though life's tides raged and soared-
blustering breezes signaling storms
Under Mike's sage advice I'd cast my ship forward-
dodging all life's retiring but snare ridden reefs.
By God's grace I escaped Doom-and calamities quite a few-
Yes, to the Lord I bow Thanks-
and to my brother, 'Thank you.'

Yes, true, one remembers all the rides- but each eventually abides
Causing tortured memories to efface all rising tides,
But I speak of them fondly-as 'rising tides' never would find me-
no matter the knots on Mike's hands that I tied.
And though now you are at rest (nestled in memories I know best)
I must now fight alone life's feisty foamed tides,
And I must do this in kind though I am missing a hot-line
Where your wisdom, discernment and grace all reside.
Sadly, only my memories can be ken'd sweet-
for no longer shall we meet-
And no longer will I ever be redeemed by a good knight,
And though I'll remain ever a knave, a serf and a slave-
Perhaps, yes! Still able! But no longer, anymore, as willing
to fight.

It is recent I find that as one ages more than a bit
the muscles lag and no longer can they smite,
And all memories depart-or linger somewhere-
In timeless incertitude
which then fades beneath the tombs of one's life.
But there is one barb that still digs deep
(of which I shall permanently weep) ,
And of it I still question in this blight,
Life's incomprehensible mazes, raging on its pages:
'Should I now go left or should I turn right'?
Yet on this sunny, sacred day-
this I conclusively can say
with tears but no hesitation of light:
''God Speed, my dear bro,
Dear friend, my dear friend,
And, to Michael, forever goodnight. ''

One day too soon, I'll also meet my doom
Whether it be by night or by day,
But I'm not afeared, though my life indeed has been seared,
For I know that omnipresent Mike-
As always he did in my life-
Capably, and with devotion, will lead me on my way!

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