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I paid her once a compliment
Flattered, she fluttered her eyes,
Yes, I was preparing for another affair-
So I got ready for my new enterprise.

The thing with age that lets you down-
until you figuratively creep on the ground,
Retrieving what no longer is there
A quest imprinted-no longer found.

What a store and a delight-
A stratagem which I believe,
A fevered fount
(Where votes all count) -

A cloud came out, the sun went in
More drizzle was my life
I prayed then hoped-but just got rope-
My heart: All slice and diced!

The less that one has supple feelings
The less his spirit bounds,
It's at this age when he first notices
There are far fewer seductive sounds.

The memories one has one would think
May be lively,
For example, and chant how you‘ve sinned,
Yes it's lovely to revisit passed memories-

Those jaunts when the wind rode my hair
(I had more than enough to stand tall) .
I'd reflect on what I would do-
At times uncertain whether I could do it at all.

My watch is set and diligently wound
The air is broad and sweet,
I wonder on this day of youth
Just who it is I'll meet?

Before our Fall, the air so sweet, and gulped without a care
We all would think of other things as though the 'sweet gulp' wasn't there.
But now we know this treasures worth, what we didn't know before,
The value of this unheralded wealth was not its glitter nor its glow:

So why the afternoon Mincha prayer?
It seems not part of the piece,
The Torah prescribes morn and evening-
Everyday-without surcease.

What we have are gifts
And a Benefactor whom we can't ever requite,
They are given-ever piling up during the day-
And we unwrap them in the glowing moonlight.

I had a captive dream last night
Which prisons are made to hold,
Of synergies and wistfulness
And things that once were told.

Selfish I was when a child and a youth-
Yes, I thought it a good thing to be-
Never to care about others well being
I thought this made me more manly and free.

Those times were good
Carrying me to youth and vigor,
But then I awoke-
(an unlucky stroke)

Many things I don't comprehend,
For example, doing an onerous chore, like weeding,
It was such a bore, this chore,
but it was with my brother

There are some things that leave my heart in a mist
Such as treasured memories of long ago,
which I've learned to favor-and also dissever-
Fancy snatches I can no longer resist-

A heated story are in these words
That I use in this woeful tale,
About this worm-sized denizen
And how he viewed the world.

I think of you always
The girl darting mischievous eyes and deep fluff,
But I never will dream of you-
for then I might lean too far towards you-

The cherry blossoms are blooming
Under the sky's cerulean shield,
The trees stand at full-height, their leaves verdant and bright
This world all glistening and clean with appeal.

"Rejoice" and the world is revealing
"Grieve" and your world you'll never accept
It's better to "Rejoice"-
For as long as you have voice-

Bryan Taplits Biography

In brief: There was a beginning and someday there will be an end. The rest, ie. the in between time, is just filler. There is nothing left to say. FINI)

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My Favorite Stalker

I paid her once a compliment
Flattered, she fluttered her eyes,
Yes, I was preparing for another affair-
So I got ready for my new enterprise.
At this time she became my sunflower-
But boy should I have run,
Yes, I found that she was a flower, sure,
But there was poison under that sun.
I admit, her murderous-malevolence
gave me a fleet and fevered brief lull,
But I still hied full speed-as I whipped forward my steed-
And I diligently mis-noticed all flaws.
...And though I see a new wrinkle now-
As I view my bi-polar and viperous sow-
I don't feel quite yet that she needs a vet-
And thus my cause should not yet be paused!

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Bryan Spencer 07 May 2022

The ' Smail Miracles' poem should be included as one of the miracles you are describing.

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