Bryan Taplits Poems

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My Favorite Stalker

I paid her once a compliment
Flattered, she fluttered her eyes,
Yes, I was preparing for another affair-
So I got ready for my new enterprise.

Crossing The Border

The thing with age that lets you down-
until you figuratively creep on the ground,
Retrieving what no longer is there
A quest imprinted-no longer found.


What a store and a delight-
A stratagem which I believe,
A fevered fount
(Where votes all count) -

Welcomed Gallows

A cloud came out, the sun went in
More drizzle was my life
I prayed then hoped-but just got rope-
My heart: All slice and diced!

Lesson Learned

This Summer-Time, my future plan
I dote on it today,
A pioneered and vast new land
And where I choose to play.

Because I Remember... (My Cincinnati Cousins)

Yes, they I revere
As their image appears
And I recall as the memories flow,
For they are my present my past-

The America-Government Shuffle

Regulate till doomsday
Tax when in doubt
Repeal all current liberties
When the payers begin to pout.

The Unquenchable Chill Of The Grave

Life, is ever short or long
-under a re-repeating sun-
But you'll always be buried alone,
Either 'Advance' or 'Retreat'

Small Miracles

Stout miracles abound each day,
but lost and never seen,
Too late they are appraised and kenned,
a trove that's never been.

A Princess Returns (And Adath Will Never Be The Same)

Rebounding to the way it was
Joyous tomes behold
She's back once more
From far off fields

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