Adrenaline Rush Poem by Flying Lemming

Adrenaline Rush

Rating: 3.0

I’m an adrenaline junkie
I live fast and hard
I laugh at danger and give fear my best regards
I climb up high mountains
And when I reach the top
I stick ski’s on my feet and rush back down the drop

I scuba dive with sharks
And camp with grizzly bears
Some worry that I will come to harm but it’s not me that cares
I bungee jump and parachute
And abseil from great heights
I explore caves and dank dark holes I never get the frights

I’ve rafted down the rapids
And been on desert trails
Whatever task I set myself my courage never fails
I’ve never had companions
As I move across each nation
Cos the only thing that scares me is to have a conversation

Hebert Logerie Sr. 29 August 2009

The rush is often sweeter than the destination or the arrival, I know exactly how you sometimes feel.

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David Desantis 11 July 2008

hahhaha the last line...totally excellent poem...adrenaline junkies are where its at...check out my stuff if you get a chance, would be good to hear from a poet like u

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Adeline Foster 09 July 2008

Hey High Flying: Half way through I was anticipating that last line. A very good write. I liked it, hope you have time to read mine. Adeline

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