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My name is david, and I'm just trying to find my way...

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A Life Cycle

The most painful dawn,
one can ever know,
is the painful death,
of love let go.

Isolation At Sunrise

I awake,
Dreams burdened with your eyes.

A recollection of temperance

My Personal Cocaine

I’d love to swim in a sea of you,
Or Better yet
Your private sea.
For it’s quite amazing

Ex- Girlfriends

Uncertain drops
Of anguish
Filter through the night
While waste water

A Beach, Lake, And Owl

Sun soaked revelations
on a patio deck.

I had long forgotten

David DeSantis Comments

Ivan Donn Carswell 15 July 2008

David has developed a distinctive and highly original style in the short time he has been posting poetry here. As he says, he is young, but that belies an ability which is already bursting at the seams. Rgds, Ivan

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Sometimes poet is interested in the changes of society with a feeling of perplexity and nostalgia of the lost beauty. In the end this poet has a particular way to describe the present. This poet uses a neo-Art Nouveau.

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'From a soul as empty as the spirits in a glass.' David, I really like your unique style of literary works. You take personafication to a whole new level. I think once you fully develop rhythm or recognize a signiture pattern to your poetry. I see a lot of your work as an Epigram. Lecie Bailey Jackson

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Sílvia Oliveira 01 May 2008

Hi David! Thanks for commenting on my works - it´s interesting to get our poems shared/commented, and it happens with poets/poems all around the globe thru this website! I´ll read more of yours! 'Big Bang Theory' is my favorite so far, especially the last part! Congrats from Brasil

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Empath In Flames 11 April 2008

David DeSantis is a truly, young gifted writter with a limitless capacity to lure readers/writers deep into an emotive state. I highly recommend poets to view David's work and I hope to read more in further days to come... ~Empath~

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