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The most painful dawn,
one can ever know,
is the painful death,
of love let go.

I awake,
Dreams burdened with your eyes.

A recollection of temperance

I’d love to swim in a sea of you,
Or Better yet
Your private sea.
For it’s quite amazing

Sun soaked revelations
on a patio deck.

I had long forgotten

Uncertain drops
Of anguish
Filter through the night
While waste water

Addiction is a curse.

Upon an afflicted soul
is a devil made deal,

The sun smiles,
forcefully examining the bitterness of the leaves
that have become
crushed under the weight

We wake up slowly,
shaded by romance.
She looks like a film,
that I am lucky to attend.

Don't ever have
sex with strangers
is what
a bird


Do you ever feel
that more is needed
to ease the grind
of the axe today?

is a twisted game of words.
Defined by the actions we speak,
I know of no way to compromise

I'm sliding off the rail
from which a mind
used to hang,
dripped in perspiration

In a roundabout fashion
propose if I may,
That today be a day
Of hedonistic conjecture.


From the first breath
as a little child,
all i have ever known
has been you

Nights mist
around my eyes

very similar to the fog

Sameness sets,
when unable to vocalize
the thoughts
that pursue it near.

Death to the tailor who made this suit.

I think to myself,
while nervously shuffling plain white index cards.

Misfiring bearings.
She power’s my train.

I’m a train track
With a knack
for coffee.

Never really one
for popularity contests
yet somehow
popularity found me.

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My name is david, and I'm just trying to find my way...)

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A Life Cycle

The most painful dawn,
one can ever know,
is the painful death,
of love let go.
Gone with its passing,
Are more than just dreams,
A flower shall wilt,
As jealousy teems.

The most painful noon,
One can ever see,
Is the painful death,
Ofyour mothers dream.
Gone with her eyes,
Are the reflection of you,
As a mirror shall break,
So shall you too.

The most painful day,
One can ever feel,
Is the painful death,
Of the ideal.
The mirror once broke,
Shall repair a new,
But in its reflection,
A darker view.

The most painful dusk,
One can ever taste,
Is the painful death,
Of your lovers face.
Gone with her smile,
Are the remnants of wonder,
Impossible to hold,
When buried asunder.

The most painful eve,
One will ever fight,
Is the painful death,
Of dawn to night.
While life is a trial,
Filled with ladders and rope,
There is nothing more painful,
Than forgetting to

Copyright (c)David DeSantis

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Ivan Donn Carswell 15 July 2008

David has developed a distinctive and highly original style in the short time he has been posting poetry here. As he says, he is young, but that belies an ability which is already bursting at the seams. Rgds, Ivan

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Sometimes poet is interested in the changes of society with a feeling of perplexity and nostalgia of the lost beauty. In the end this poet has a particular way to describe the present. This poet uses a neo-Art Nouveau.

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'From a soul as empty as the spirits in a glass.' David, I really like your unique style of literary works. You take personafication to a whole new level. I think once you fully develop rhythm or recognize a signiture pattern to your poetry. I see a lot of your work as an Epigram. Lecie Bailey Jackson

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Sílvia Oliveira 01 May 2008

Hi David! Thanks for commenting on my works - it´s interesting to get our poems shared/commented, and it happens with poets/poems all around the globe thru this website! I´ll read more of yours! 'Big Bang Theory' is my favorite so far, especially the last part! Congrats from Brasil

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Empath In Flames 11 April 2008

David DeSantis is a truly, young gifted writter with a limitless capacity to lure readers/writers deep into an emotive state. I highly recommend poets to view David's work and I hope to read more in further days to come... ~Empath~

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