Adult Poem by P.R. Prosper


Rating: 3.0

It’s a miracle what it takes to be thought as an adult
So many rules told to follow like young children in occults
Suffer heart wrenching pain and go hungry for assaults
Spend more time on money and stack happiness in vaults

The minute hand slowly sweeps life under the rug
In your youth anything could solved with just a shrug
But now you’re an adult, you must cut back on all the hugs
Put your efforts to the future and how you must taste to bugs

-You must cause many crises and never be at fault
And when you’re all alone then you’re truly an adult
If nothing else prospers from the wrinkles and the frowns
-Take comfort in knowing your insurance bill goes down

Your smile must be smug when you’re laughing in the group
Keep the sarcasm sharp like the gossip in the coop
Look down on everyone you find sitting on a stoop
You’re not being rude, it’s just what adults do

Go back on your word and earn their love through fear
Only think about your peers only once during the year
You’re an adult now and have to budget for your tears
Don shades and a handshake, make them wish you were here

Tai Chi Italy 16 April 2008

You have those adults spot on my friend! lol it's turning the clock and them all around sort of a poem I love to read. The smugness, the sarcasm! which young people seem to pick up very quickly these days, humour is what is in short supply and of course, a genuine love of mankind. I thoroughly enjoyed this read, thank you for sharing it, Tai

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