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Come praise the stars, the wind, the rain
That course the earth; come praise the pain
And pleasure that the years bring forth:
Praise every particle of the Universe.

A nameless one, who toiled alone,
And waited for the telephone
To ring, grew restless on a day
When winds blew all his dreams away

There is a hill ahead,
And Death is behind the hill;
I urge the horses onward, onward....

The raindrops pound upon the nerves
The winds howl stringently, and sing
A song to fill a winter night, a surge
Of rage against a bitter fate, a king

So soon, the green wing faltered so soon
As the shadows grew short on the lawn -
It was more than the phase of the Moon,
More than the flight of the dawn -

Come praise unnecessary wars, although
Videos and narratives must disprove
Theses of conspiracy theorists, who
Govern us from their pretended love

You: you are like a ghost
Fluttering, pensive, in my memory,
Skirting the well-lighted rooms in which I read.

I am old enough to remember
So many things, so many things:

The blackbirds singing in the morning,

Tolerance is tyranny, postponed:
Indifference to one man, alone.

Tolerance is conditioned love,

Ghosts roam the night, to seek the sleepers out
And feast upon their dreams. Ghosts search the night
For old memories, the sound and sight
Of passions they have lost in silent ground.

The Promised Land is anywhere
Good men do not live in fear,
But a liar must take care
Lest the the neighbors idly stare

The keys and staves demark strait paths
The restless note must travel on;
The note's the beast that carries
The burden of the sound.

Why is it, do you know, that
Memories of you are silver,
And I stumble onward
Seeking your steep path?


His last days, he remembered
Ouachita mountain haze
Where he sought his love
In former days:

I was not taken by the claws of love,
Nor bound upon a bloody rock;
I heard no angels, saw no dove,
No eagle, nothing in that dark.

On my second trip to Austin State
It was very, very late
I felt great relief, at last
When the police delivered me to my past.

The universe is a vast river,
The rain is very cold;
There is no reason to persist:
This moment is forever.

Dew on the desert: idle dreams
Are nourishment enough, in youth;
Years demand deep roots: a man
Will thirst, pursuing idle truths.


All in the evenings, sweet Emily
Would walk by the water's edge, dreaming
Of a voice that might wake her forever
From such idle revery.

If I could sing - my heart,
Then, never would be sung.
If I knew my heart,
It never would be shown.

Will Barber Biography

The late (or nearly always late) Will Barber has a very interesting past. Not being sure whether the statute of limitations has expired, he issued this statement to the Poemhunter community: 'Who are you people? And why are you looking at me? ' Will Barber lives somewhere in South Texas, apparently. His favorite hobbies are eating, sleeping, and fooling around on the internets. Sometimes, he leaves the house. Angels and ministers of grace surround him, but he's not dead yet. His most memorable quote: 'Who wants to go for lunch, then? ! ' 'Everything was beautiful. Nothing hurt.' - Kurt Vonnegut, 'Cat's Cradle'.)

The Best Poem Of Will Barber

I'M Cool With That

Come praise the stars, the wind, the rain
That course the earth; come praise the pain
And pleasure that the years bring forth:
Praise every particle of the Universe.

Doubt denials of the flame
Which courses through the hearts of men:
The ones who lose, the ones who win,
Are indistiguishable, in the end.

The wretched and the fortunate
Will join each other in the dark
Those who were wrong, those who were right
Will join each other in the Light.

Light and Dark will alternate
Eternally: this is man's fate.
Come, laugh; come, commiserate.
Dance your day, and sing your night.


Will Barber Comments

Duncan Wyllie 09 June 2006

Will Barber is a man of much talent, He has a great understanding of language and conveys his message profoundly, Thankyou Will, Love Duncan XXX

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gone gone 07 July 2006

He spells well, too....this Timothy......can fill a page with boundless glee Much love to you, Will....and many thanks D.

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Anna Russell 22 August 2006

Will is a wonderful poet and an absolute sweetheart. Yup, that about covers it. Hugs Anna xxx

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Aisha Sherazi 11 December 2006

Will is an amazing writer and a good friend. Apart from wonderful poetry that he posts, he occasionally writes to me and tells me funny real life stories that I swear he should publish. His barmy, mad scientist demeanor is just a disguise. He is really a sensitive barmy mad scientist. Best wishes Will Barber, it is a treat to have you on Poemhunter.com :)

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James James 07 November 2011

Are you still there tree people?

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Not a member No 3 23 September 2008

And they'll say 'this one is about that, and this one here is about her, and here, see this one: it is about love, about life, about precious time like ash on the wind, but here, this one is about something so beautiful, so tender that words cannot touch it, cannot tell it, except that somehow between the words this man here Will Barber could... by some subtle wizardry woven from his soul...

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Sean North 08 November 2007

NiGhTE NiTE Mr WiLL 4 'Will Barber' My XraY EyES ArE On ThE BLINK THiS iSpY InTO THE BeD MuST SiNK DonT LEt YoUR ArmoUR GeT A ChInk Or We mIghT See yOuR HEARt iTHinK

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It think this man, as poet and as person, is utterly truly wonderful. And I am always right. :) t x

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Sean North 12 December 2006

MR WiLL, MoDesTy WILL GeT WILL EvEryWere, AnD YoUR amZinG waY wiTh wordS even FuRthER, Ur FaN.... alWaYs.... wHeN eVeR u aRE on EaRth anD EvEn WheN YoUr NoT, aT leaST We WILL havE soMe wOnDerFuLL WoRds To RemInd US oF MR WILL, capTain FanTasTiC OF THe UnIquevERsE :) bE WILL Mr WILL I WILL WILL YoU WILL

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