Robert Burgan

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Agitprop - Poem by Robert Burgan

The hunger has subsided the stomach pain is gone
I can feel the truth in my stomach emerging from the empty gall
The acid burns the rubble the crumbling walls that fall
It almost looks like Eden but the season seems prolonged
The ashes in the wind the sin is like fog
I walk through a city where all hope is gone
Everybody's homeless, broken and complacent
I see the look of vacancy on faces placed adjacent to the nation
The corruption will never end, the trends that come and go
So I expose uniqueness to a crowd of angry souls
Try to talk to women, giving me the axe
They'd rather talk to guys who sag their pants and have no stance
They always speak of racism like it's a never ending fight
While I get stopped by cops for simply being white
I write like Edgar Allen sink my talons into pages
Time stamp my mania so I can sort through the changes
Every age displayed on tapes I make to view my phases
Haven't spoken to my father in months
I'm done explaining all the evil I projected
My energy was demon-esque
I chose to throw possessions in the trash and leave behind the mess
Obsessed with some close I help them overdose on my emotions
My dependence is the needle wrap the belt around their focus
This is my apology, my epiphany, my misery
Sift through our history and realize I murdered your dreams
You're better off without me, Kerry King grin is grim
My love is like a manic trip I fight your war then stab your back and crack your ribs
I remember how we made love under ashen trees, we pondered
I was deep inside your body while my mind began to wander
A weekend all alone, the rest was intense
I felt every part of your body I loved your perfect chest the best
I created ripples, your little nipples in my mouth
Have love, will travel every bond seems to head for the south
I'm headed for the coast to dive into empty oceans
When I bottom out you'll see my devotion floating to the top
The agitprop I drop like rocks, still skipping stones chiseled from your bones
I'm not what you think I am, I'm not what I thought
Not my father's son and certainly not the act he taught
I guess we're all just intricate little time bombs trying to find bonds
Before we get destroyed by electric Gods
Send your final text message, type your final Email
Because in the end you'll corrupted by the sensation of a female
Kneel before a demagogy prey on what you can't control
If God actually answers let me know how the reaction goes
Grow together through the weather tethered to what you remember
Birds flock together until they rip out each other's feathers
I'll remember your naked body riding on my poison tip
I guess in the end I was bent on destroying it
I think of your perfect body maybe that's the issue
I never think of your soul and why I actually miss you
Let's try love again, maybe we can make it
Instead of leaving it vacant in public places
Better yet let's just forget it and erase it.

The act may never stop nobody shows themselves
They store their costumes on shelves next to bills and declining health
Make the choice to find yourself don't let me define you
Love may blind you but the journey will help you see the light shine through
I'll always love you from afar my scars are dedications
To the girl who lived in fear I tried to rescue her from hardship
Facing my own mortality, reality and truth
I'll always love her from afar she's the echo in the basement
She's the light beneath the bloody moon.

Topic(s) of this poem: tragedy

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