Uncertainty Poems: 403 / 500

Aka Ms. Placed

Rating: 2.7

I dialled your number and called you about an hour ago
it appeared to me that you were not interested in answering
I was glad that you did and we got to talk

you remembered how I want to finish some chores
and reminded me to do so, including the trip to the post office
I need to make to pick up the package

you refreshed my memory of your plans for the day
and how unhappy you are about the busy day ahead
I'd like it better too if you did not have to,
and rather spend the afternoon with you

we rambled on the line about the television program I was watching
and how the plot is boring and how there are too many
commercials and you added that the movie industry is going
stale and how you have not seen a great film in much too
long and then I agreed

Now you are here, in the middle of noon contrary to what you
told me that I presumed as your schedule and it seems like
every thing we talked about before seeing you in person was
untrue, not any plans for the day and you, very excited
about making some plans, and you also mentioned what a
great flick you saw last week and asked if I was interested in
picking a movie to see of all the great flicks released now,
unlike I thought you said in our conversation when I
dialled your numbers

I responded with uncertainty and ignoring the inconsistencies
I guess I am hearing voices or imagined something and
talking to myself alone, next time I talk to you I'll make sure
to use a telephone and device, and not validate our mental
exchanges throughout the day, but I know I will miss it too much