(untitled) From 'six Places'

Rating: 2.7

your presence was like the sky,
delicate in its intent and tenuously present
or like a shadow that followed me everywhere,
discomforting in reproach noticing fixedly my faults,
I turned away twice, blistered with embarassment
then consulted you in my day dreams and libido
and how readily available you are

your confidence reminded me of
an idol figure attending with sympathy
and observation, and myself in affinity
without avowal, analogous and equal
and how quickened and exalted you are

you passed judgement on your perceptions
of me and diluted your own faults
and misfired these
while I reclaimed advantageous position of you
'til I created a memory akin to your disposition
and how forgetful you are

I conjure your presence day and night
and awaken the future with me arousing
to call forth your response to inflame us
and how impressionable you are

I will and mold three dimensions
illuminated with your hues
that you notice before any of my
misconstrued self concepts
and how infatuated you are

I hope to see myself
through the eyes of the beholder
and imprint in my mind myself anew
and how longing you are
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Dipy Hermonite 13 September 2007

I loved the depth. Wonderful piece.

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Swaroopa Rani 12 September 2007

Well-written, I found a deep feel as well as great hope in your poem. Swaroopa

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