All Hopes On Me Poem by Gladden Scribbles

All Hopes On Me

Take, take away your dreadful sight, death
And let me for my lovers fight
Remit awhile the harsh stare
And let not her hope become my fear
For she had nurtured in pain
And precognition apprised her of a bounty gain
then, would she not dream such day?
When she would sit, sits in her wonted way
In a grand position and summons her lady
bring for me from the fruit of labour, my lady
and check what needs replacement af home
But her loather had chose to come
in her crave ond drive her hope to grave
Death had been wooed to take her love
And deny her of the boon she craved
Her music ceased! Her future feared,
But her hopes remains by grace
Of her creator and would retrace
My sins, oh! my dear sins
The world had held me too lean
And driven me to gloomy places
For this hope, her hope, her grace
Had been dream of dearly three
And must die not, and remain free
From all hindrances and blockades of life
Yet i knew my sins, my grief
would condescend my hope and cease
Awhile my time till my muisc rise
And the bell happily ding
To sway with my dear song
For all hopes are on me
And yes! I must come fame.

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